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Leading in Ambiguous Times: Behaviors Managers Need to Lead Effectively During Uncertainty

Leaders and managers are required to navigate through uncertainty as the new normal. It’s critical now, more than ever, for them that they lead in drastically different ways than they ever have before. As they now navigate the ambiguity of “what’s next” in the fallout from COVID-19, they will be tested by situations for which blueprints do not exist, in which there is no such thing as “business as usual.” Leadership development efforts within organizations must, therefore, pivot sharply to support leaders and managers in tackling unforeseen challenges. In order to lead direct reports, teams and entire organizations in this new normal in which constant change will be the rule versus the exception, the learning curve for leaders will be steep. What are the capabilities and behaviors they must develop and implement now to lead effectively? In this engaging webinar, experts from ICC share the behaviors leaders need to learn and adopt now in order to be successful as uncertainty continues.

Compassionate and Compliant Downsizing: Critical Steps in COVID-19-Related Layoffs

Employment attorney Jessica Marinelli is joined by our own experienced outplacement services veteran Meredith Masse in this crucial conversation about the dos and don’ts of conducting layoffs in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Jessica shares practical strategies and potential challenges to plan ahead for as you work to protect your company and minimize litigation risk during reductions, all while maintaining human dignity and professional decency. Meredith shares more than ten-year’s worth of lessons learned and best practices in planning layoffs – the before, during and after – and conducting notifications that are compassionate and maintain employees’ dignity.

Managing Through Chaos: Coaching Skills for Leaders

Do you find yourself drowning in a storm pandemic cyclone? Do you want to expand your leadership influence during these times of chaos, but you can’t do everything? In our chaotic environment, it’s crucial to expand your leadership capacity by utilizing coaching skills. Leaders who adopt coaching techniques can more easily adapt as well as empower and develop others. But how? In this engaging live webinar, leaders from every function, including HR, get answers to tough questions like:

– Why are coaching skills critical right now as a strategic leader? What if I don’t have time? What if I am the only one with answers? Why can’t I just fix them? Why now?

We help leaders get very clear on what coaching is and what it is not and discuss the specific skills and behaviors needed in order to be an effective coaching leader. We also dive into practical tips for developing those skills and coaching questions attendees can start to use immediately.

The Bottom Line: Improving Your Leadership Development Strategy in 2020 for Better Business Impact

ROI, the elusive measurement lacking in almost every leadership development and coaching program. There’s a direct correlation between more effective leadership behavior and business results, and in leadership development and coaching programs it is imperative to demonstrate that through ROI. But to measure ROI, there are foundational building blocks that must be implemented early on in a development program. Download this webinar to learn about how you can measure the bottom line and get the most from your training efforts.

DisruptHR Double-Take 2.0

Join DisruptHR Denver co-organizers Meredith Masse and Mary Faulkner in the second DisruptHR Denver Double-Take webinar. After the October DisruptHR Denver event, the audience voted on their top speakers and topics about which they want MORE! In this rousing conversation with the audience’s top 3 choices, Meredith and Mary will chat with each to take a deeper dive into the topics they had only 5 minutes to present on the DisruptHR Denver stage. Download for the lively discussion and ask your questions of these soon-to-be-famous Disruptors!

Don’t Waste Your 2020 Budget: Leadership Development that STICKS

As you plan and budget for leadership development in 2020, how will you guarantee your spend will be worth it? In this engaging and interactive webinar, join ICC experts as we examine what’s wrong with traditional training approaches, and how we can transform learning experiences to increase our leaders’ effectiveness and improve actual on-the-job application.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Compassionate: Conducting Human Centered Layoffs

Downsizing, layoffs, mergers, reorganization or restructuring…these kinds of organizational upheavals are the new normal in business. Whatever the name, whatever the reason, when an employee loses a job, it’s a painful, emotional and often devastating experience. As company leaders make tough business decisions that impact an organization’s humans, best companies to work for navigate layoffs and major organizational changes with compassion for the impacted employees and TLC for the “survivors.” In this highly engaging and super practical “how-to” session, attendees will learn from a moderated panel of HR executives who have been on both sides of the desk during reductions in force.

The Future of Leadership Development & Training

If you were to look at your leadership development training, how effective would you say it is? Is it improving specific business outcomes? Is it being measured? Is it taking both your employees needs and the desired business outcomes into account when it is being developed? Chances are that it is not. What would it look like if our programs led to measurable outcomes and sustainable change within an organization? With the exponential growth of technology, we can create highly effective leadership development training programs that lead to measurable results. Technology combined with a human element can drive education and retention higher than we have ever encountered in the past. Learn how harnessing these two elements can propel your leadership development training to improved outcomes that are aligned with your business strategy.

DisruptHR Double-Take

Join DisruptHR Denver conference co-organizers Meredith Masse and Mary Faulkner in this first ever DisruptHR Denver Double-Take webinar. At the April DisruptHR Denver conference event, the audience will have voted on their top speakers and topics about which they want MORE! In this rousing conversation with the audience’s top 3 choices, Meredith and Mary will chat with each to take a deeper dive into the topics they had only 5 minutes to present on the DisruptHR Denver state. Join for the lively discussion and ask your questions of these soon-to-be-famous Disruptors!

The Impact of Data Analytics & Simulations on Adult Learning

In this webinar, Susan Ruhl, CEO of ICC and Chief Science Officer of Avrio Analytics, Mik Bertolli discuss the importance of keeping your audience engaged, stimulated and excited to learn through various styles of content delivery. They also discuss the need to use data analytics for creating measurable leadership development programs. Join them, as they share real-life examples of how simulations can be combined with analytics to assess leader potential as well as their ability to adapt to new behaviors in the workplace.

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