The Future of Leadership Development & Training

If you were to look at your leadership development training, how effective would you say it is? Is it improving specific business outcomes? Is it being measured? Is it taking both your employees needs and the desired business outcomes into account when it is being developed? Chances are that it is not. What would it look like if our programs led to measurable outcomes and sustainable change within an organization? With the exponential growth of technology, we can create highly effective leadership development training programs that lead to measurable results. Technology combined with a human element can drive education and retention higher than we have ever encountered in the past. Learn how harnessing these two elements can propel your leadership development training to improved outcomes that are aligned with your business strategy.

DisruptHR Double-Take

Join DisruptHR Denver conference co-organizers Meredith Masse and Mary Faulkner in this first ever DisruptHR Denver Double-Take webinar. At the April DisruptHR Denver conference event, the audience will have voted on their top speakers and topics about which they want MORE! In this rousing conversation with the audience’s top 3 choices, Meredith and Mary will chat with each to take a deeper dive into the topics they had only 5 minutes to present on the DisruptHR Denver state. Join for the lively discussion and ask your questions of these soon-to-be-famous Disruptors!

The Impact of Data Analytics & Simulations on Adult Learning

In this webinar, Susan Ruhl, CEO of ICC and Chief Science Officer of Avrio Analytics, Mik Bertolli discuss the importance of keeping your audience engaged, stimulated and excited to learn through various styles of content delivery. They also discuss the need to use data analytics for creating measurable leadership development programs. Join them, as they share real-life examples of how simulations can be combined with analytics to assess leader potential as well as their ability to adapt to new behaviors in the workplace.

The Future of Work & Its Impact on HR

In the next 4 years we will witness the greatest amount of change ever in the workplace. How prepared are you? There are huge similarities in the approaches being taken to both the future of work and climate change. It’s out there, we know it’s happening; but we are too busy in our daily work to give it sufficient time and thought, thereby limiting our capacity to adapt before it’s too late.

Join John Fitzgerald as he reveals the 9 critical human skills necessary in the workforce to stay ahead of the rate of change.

It’s Never too Soon: Creating Measurable Leadership Development Programs for Your Emerging Leaders

Ever hear the phrase “What got you here won’t get you there?” This is especially true for new managers. What got them promoted was an ability to do their job well as an individual contributor. But to be a successful first time manager, requires a major transition for which many people are not adequately prepared. Organizations, on average, don’t invest in their leaders until the age of 42, or 10 years after they have been promoted. That is 10 years of learning bad behaviors. Behaviors that lead to reduced productivity, reduced influence and an inability to effectively give feedback just to name a few.

Secrets Revealed: Winners Answer the Tough Questions About Employee Engagement and Workforce Culture

Ever wonder what it really takes to build and sustain a candidate-attracting, employee-retaining and customer-engaging company culture… one that positively impacts the organization’s bottom line? Learn the practices, traditions, beliefs, customs and behaviors that propel organizations to top of the competition. Participate in this live webcast discussion in which a group of Colorado leaders will uncover best practices in building organizational culture and enable employee engagement that align directly with an organization’s business goals.

It’s Never Too Soon: Creating A Measurable Leadership Development Program for your Emerging Leaders

Ever hear the phrase “What got you here won’t get you there?” This is especially true for new managers. What got them promoted was an ability to do their job well as an individual contributor. But to be a successful first-time manager requires a major transition for which many people are not adequately prepared. Join ICC experts Shawna Simcik and Meredith Masse as they discuss how to effectively develop first-time leaders for greater productivity and greater ROI for the organization.

Change Management: Leading Change After a Layoff

It’s clear that how the layoff is handled, how employees who are let go are treated and how the surviving workforce is supported are the key factors in determining the organization’s ability to rebound for future success and viability. In this live webinar, learn the critical elements of what to expect and and practical steps of how to lead through change after a layoff to support the vitally important employees the organization is relying on to bring operations back to a “new normal.”

Coaching Skills for Leaders: Strengthening the Influence of Your Leaders

Gone are the days when leaders simply conduct one performance conversation with employees annually or use the words, “do it because I’m the boss.” More and more managers are being asked to coach their work teams to get the most out of their people. Join ICC experts as they discuss the role coaching plays in being a great leader and how to adopt the right mindset for holding effective coaching conversations.

Creating an Innovative Culture Through Leadership Development

Does training in your organization need a refresh in order to deliver more value to learners and a higher return on development investment to the company? Only 10% of what we learn is from what we are taught using traditional lecture methods, 20% from social-based learning methods (talking with others to work through problems), and 70% comes from direct experiences and practice in realistic settings (Bersin, 2013). Reinforced learning represents that 70% and can actually boost retention to 90%.

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