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The Future of Work & Its Impact on HR

In the next 4 years we will witness the greatest amount of change ever in the world of work. How prepared are you? There are huge similarities in the approaches being taken to both the future of work and climate change. It’s out there, we know it’s happening; but we are too busy in our daily work to give it sufficient time and thought, thereby limiting our capacity to adapt before it’s too late.

Join John Fitzgerald as he reveals the 9 critical human skills necessary in the workforce to stay ahead of the rate of change.

Thursday, February 21 2019 | 10am MT | 12pm ET

It’s Never too Soon: Creating a Measurable Leadership Development Program for your Emerging Leaders

Ever hear the phrase “What got you here won’t get you there?” This is especially true for new managers. What got them promoted was an ability to do their job well as an individual contributor. But to be a successful first time manager, requires a major transition for which many people are not adequately prepared. Organizations, on average, don’t invest in their leaders until the age of 42, or 10 years after they have been promoted. That is 10 years of learning bad behaviors. Behaviors that lead to reduced productivity, reduced influence and an inability to effectively give feedback just to name a few.

Join ICC experts as they discuss how to effectively develop first time leaders for greater productivity and greater ROI for the organization.

Thursday, January 24 2019 | 10am MT | 12pm ET

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Learn why the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is recognized as the proven solution for developing a productive, high-performing team. Based on the best-selling leadership fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Behaviors resources help teams understand how to become more cohesive and productive.

Join us, and President of Business Leadership Shawna Simcik for this 1 hour complimentary webcast on building high performing teams.

Motivation to Sustain Development Momentum

Deciding to invest in your leadership development is only half the battle. Once the decision has been made, the struggle for most is maintaining that initial desire.  For example, research suggests that about 50% of people who make New Year’s resolutions give up on the resolution within the first four weeks! Leadership development, like any behavior change, requires motivation to commit initially, and motivation to sustain the process. Especially when the goal is developing a skill until it becomes a habit, daily practice is critical and motivation is a key component to ensuring the daily practice gets done. In this 1 hour webcast, we’ll offer practical tips for maintaining motivation during the leadership development process. Additionally, we will discuss ways HR/OD professionals can help leaders sustain their development momentum to achieve lasting, effective, behavior change.

Confronting Workplace Conflict

What happens when opposing opinions, strong emotions and high stakes come together in any situation? What impact does that have on your team and your company’s performance? How we, as leaders, react (or avoid) conflict can have lasting ramifications on individuals, teams and companies. Dramatic improvements in organizational performance are possible and measurable when people learn the skills routinely practiced by those who have mastered conflict in the workplace.

Join us and our Senior Leadership Consultant, Stephanie Williams for this 1 hour complimentary webcast as she presents the different conflict styles and addresses the pros and cons of each.

STAYplacement: Using Career Coaching as a Retention Tool

The good companies to work for provide compassionate outplacement services when business needs dictate a reduction in force. The BEST companies to work for provide the same philosophy to keep their employees, especially high performers, from jumping ship and going to the competition.

Join ICC’s Meredith Masse and Shawna Simcik for this one-hour complimentary webcast as they present on the critical elements to include in an internal career coaching initiative to maximize STAYplacement services as a retention tool.

Measuring Culture Data that Drives Bottom-Line Outcomes

A recent Harvard Business Review issue featured “The Culture Factor” in which the authors define culture as an “elusive lever because much of it is anchored in unspoken behaviors, mindsets and social patterns.” Best companies to work for, however, realize when expectations around these characteristics are well-defined and overt, the culture is better equipped to produce best business outcomes. [And isn’t achieving business objectives the real reason we’re concerned with culture?]

When we think about the “culture factor” at ICC, we think beyond employee happiness, flashy perks and extravagant office surroundings. In this dynamic webcast, ICC culture experts explain how to measure more effectively whether the culture – spoken or unspoken – is a hindrance to or accelerator of business results.

Creating An Innovative Culture Through Leadership Development

Does training in your organization need a refresh in order to deliver more value to learners and a higher return on development investment to the company? Only 10% of what we learn is from what we are taught using traditional lecture methods, 20% from social-based learning methods (talking with others to work through problems), and 70% comes from direct experiences and practice in realistic settings (Bersin, 2013). Reinforced learning represents that 70% and can actually boost retention to 90%.

This high-energy webcast will cover the trouble with traditional training, why it no longer works for modern learners and the 3 Rs of Modern Learning webinar attendees can start to implement to gain measurable effects on training and development ROI.

Coaching Skills for Leaders: Strengthening the Influence of your Leaders

Gone are the days when leaders simply conduct one performance conversation with employees annually or use the words, “do it because I’m the boss.” More and more managers are being asked to coach their work teams to get the most out of their people. Join ICC experts as they discuss the role coaching plays in being a great leader and how to adopt the right mindset for holding effective coaching conversations.

Change Management: Leading Change after a Layoff

It’s clear that how the layoff is handled, how employees who are let go are treated and how the surviving workforce is supported are the key factors in determining the organization’s ability to rebound for future success and viability.

In this live webinar, learn the critical elements of what to expect and and practical steps of how to lead through change after a layoff to support the vitally important employees the organization is relying on to bring operations back to a “new normal.”

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