The Refocusing Leadership Series: A Global Executive’s Guiding Principles for Empowering Her Team: Episode 3 Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of episode 3 in our special Refocusing Leadership series “A Global Executive’s Guiding Principles for Empowering Her Team”. If you haven’t already tuned into part 1 of this special series, you can listen here.

In our third episode, Meredith Masse talks with Liza McKelvey, Vice President of People and Culture and General Counsel, from Cochlear Americas. Through personal stories of trial-and-error problem-solving and real-life scenarios from her workplace, Liza shares the three tenets she’s developed that have been guiding her leadership actions through the first several months of the COVID crisis and during the emotionally-charged time following the death of George Floyd and countless others.

In this two-part episode, Liza shares how she is:

  • Empowering employees and teams at Cochlear to innovate and solve problems
  • Building resilience for herself first then supporting her teams in doing the same
  • Role modelling behaviors to demonstrate to her teams they are all in this together

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