Corporate Leadership & Executive Coaching at a Glance…

  • Define

    Your ICC leadership training coach will work with you to define the objectives and strategy specific to your team. The plan will include key goals and a timeline.

  • Assess

    ICC will gather information using interviews, assessments and 360-degree feedback to further define and refine the leadership coaching objectives and plan.

  • Move

    Your corporate leadership and executive coach will deliver an action plan focused on motivation, measurable goals, organizational strategy and development of key leadership skills and tools.

  • Evaluate

    Your leadership coach will help you celebrate your achievements and assess the effect of the changes you made, which will include 360-degree, post-program interviews.

Leadership Training & Coaching

ICC’s leadership coaching provides honest and direct feedback that helps executives and leaders take their skills – and performance – to the next level. Every organization has high-potential, valued employees who have been successful as individual contributors, but who fail when advanced to leadership roles. They are failing because we, as organizations, don’t prepare them for leadership. Leadership coaching helps them build on their years of experience and success, but adds significant insights and skills to their business arsenal that allow them to lead at the highest level. ICC’s leadership coaches tell it like it is to help leaders become authentic.

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Although leadership coaching is typically used as an intervention with troubled leaders, coaching is now part of ICC’s standard leadership development and training programs. When offered to high-potential employees and recently promoted team members, coaching can help executives find their stride quickly.

When you engage in a partnership with ICC, you can expect a fresh perspective on professional challenges, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, improved interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence in carrying out your chosen work. ICC brings the benefit of a team of highly trained, certified executive coaches with a variety of styles, experiences and education. This depth of experience within our team helps ensure a good fit in the coaching relationship.

Engaging in intense, one-on-one sessions, an ICC leadership coach will work from the leaders’ agenda to help them accelerate their development. ICC delivers the insight needed to help leaders effect change through enhanced communication, time management, building high-performance teams, engaging in healthy conflict, or  other areas of focus. Self-reliance, and not dependency, is the goal of an ICC leadership coaching program.

Coaching Programs that Lead to Measurable Results

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Bad behavior
Bad behavior
Our executive coaches help leaders correct behaviors that are inhibiting individual and organizational success.
Learning curve
Learning curve
We help leaders navigate the learning curve between contributing as an individual to serving as an effective leader.
With ICC's leadership coaching, leaders gain the skills they need to think strategically, lead teams and achieve better business performance.
Unrefined skills
Unrefined skills
Technical skill in a field does not always translate into leadership ability. We help your leaders bridge that gap.

Coaching A New Leader For Success

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