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  Building Presentation Prowess for Accelerated Professional Success By: Meredith Masse I LOVE the buzz at conferences and large meetings I travel to… lively music playing… the smell of coffee and popcorn intended to keep people alert…

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By: Courtney Beam Effective communication is a key skill that is critical to the success of an organization. Not only does it benefit external and internal client relationships, but it also impacts employee engagement and the overall

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By: Susan Ruhl A change toward a higher level of group performance is frequently short-lived, after a “shot in the arm,” group life soon returns to the previous level. This indicates that it does not suffice to

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  5 Steps to Take When a Poor Performer is On Your Team By: Meredith Masse You have a poor performer that’s not meeting goals and bringing the team down. What’s the right order of actions to

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    WHEN LAYOFFS ABOUND, CAREER TRANSITION IS MORE CRITICAL THAN EVER By: Jill Thompson Layoffs will always be a part of the landscape of corporate America.  In 2019, companies are streamlining processes and advancing technologies which

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  [embed]http://disrupthr.co/vimeo-video/what-blackberries-shoulder-pads-myspace-leadership-development-programs-have-in-common-meredith-masse-disrupthr-talks/[/embed]   4 Components of a Highly Effective Learning & Development Program (or What Shoulder Pads, Blackberries, MySpace and Traditional Leadership Development Have in Common) By: Meredith Masse This exact topic kicked off the inaugural DisruptHR

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  Disrupting DisruptHR Denver: The Webinar By: Meredith Masse At the April 18, 2019, DisruptHR Denver, we tried something different. Attendees voted on their top three speakers from whom they wanted to hear more from. The audience

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  Conducting [More] Compassionate Layoffs By: Meredith Masse When faced with conducting layoffs, the best companies to work for do everything in their power to help those being let go. In fact, they go beyond the standard

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    "Changing Talent Management Landscape: Integrate Training into Work-Flows." By: Shawna Simcik The landscape of talent management continues to radically change in 2019 and should guide us in how and where to focus our previous human

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"Scaling Leadership Development Quickly for Strategic Results" By: Shawna Simcik A recent ICC survey showed that only 33% of Human Resource leaders are highly confident in their front-line leaders’ ability to ensure the future success of the