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Welcome to episode 4 in our special Refocusing Leadership series “Leading Through Social Unrest: A Leadership Conversation about Race in the Workplace”. In this final installment in our Refocusing Leadership Series, ICC’s Meredith Masse talks with human social justice advocate

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Virtual Networking: Practical Tips for the Introvert By: Jill Thompson A virtual networking event… It could be a dream come true for the introverted job seeker! No more going to a loud, crowded place where an overwhelming

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When you go through a layoff, downsizing or reduction-in-force – whatever you call it - it is radically important to treat departing employees with respect and compassion. For one thing, it is the right thing to do

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For Immediate Release Media Contact: Megan Kirsch Megan@InnovateICC.com (855) 865-4400 ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult. Claims Spot on Top 100 Woman-Owned Businesses List for Fourth Year August 14, 2020, Denver, CO - ICC: Innovate. Coach. Consult. a global

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Good ones, bad ones and truly heartbreaking ones. Conducting layoffs is just another part of Human Resource professionals' jobs – and you remember every single one. Whether just one person or a whole department or an entire

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  5 Steps for Conducting an Effective Job Search By: Laura Bennett With roughly 11% unemployment in June in the U.S., many Americans are finding themselves on the job hunt.  Applying for a job always includes at

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Welcome to part 2 of episode 3 in our special Refocusing Leadership series “A Global Executive’s Guiding Principles for Empowering Her Team”. If you haven't already tuned into part 1 of this special series, you can listen here. In our

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It’s critically important company leaders do not forget everyone impacted after a layoff, including the remaining employees. After all, these are the essential people a company is relying on to carry on the business. It’s clear that

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Welcome to part 1 of episode 3 in our special Refocusing Leadership series “A Global Executive’s Guiding Principles for Empowering Her Team”. In our third episode, Meredith Masse talks with Liza McKelvey, Vice President of People and Culture and General

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By: Brian Hallahan Conducing a job search is never easy…so keep in mind that you are not at an unfair advantage because you have to conduct your search virtually.  Also, this is the current situation that everyone