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[kc_row use_container="yes" force="no" column_align="middle" video_mute="no" _id="181628"][kc_column width="12/12" video_mute="no" _id="609908"][kc_column_text _id="727674"]By: Megan Barry While many companies are still navigating how to cope with the Great Resignation as CNBC recently reported 44% of workers are seeking new jobs, other

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By: Shawna Simcik The idea of training is nothing new but has evolved since the earliest stages of civilization. One of the first types of training practices was an apprenticeship. During the industrial revolution, employee training was

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In times of change and chaos, it’s crucial to expand your leader’s capacity by utilizing coaching skills. Leaders who adopt leadership coaching techniques can more easily adapt, empower, and develop others. But how? In this micro-webinar, we

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By: Megan Barry Now, I don't know about you - but lately, I've had many thoughtful conversations with colleagues, family members, and friends about the challenges over the past couple of years. It's become clear that these

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By: Darren Kanthal Have you heard this story?  A CFO asks the CEO, "What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?"  The CEO replies, "What happens if we don't, and they

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By Jill Thompson We all know how exhausting the job search can be. It’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of applying to jobs online and then repeatedly checking your email as you await a response.

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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Megan Barry Megan@InnovateICC.com (855)865-4400 ICC Sees Revenue Spike by 440% in 2021 from Online Leadership Development Program, Anticipates Minimum of 110% Revenue Growth in 2022 January 28th, 2022 -

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By: Amy Twiggs Retaining top talent is of the utmost importance in today's competitive job market. If you are thinking about ways to spend your precious development dollars, think about investing in your emerging leaders to get

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By: Susan Ruhl According to Gartner, 60% of new managers underperform in their first two years. Why is that? The reality is that there is either a lack of training provided to new managers on how to

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Leadership development framework opportunities for your most at risk-employees and/or those who can have the most significant impact on minimizing turnover – your front-line manager can prevent a mass exodus, increase engagement, and position your company for