what makes icc different



Our highly qualified team of career coaches, trainers and talent management experts have a proven ability to develop and deliver innovative resources and market knowledge. We focus on talent management, organizational effectiveness and compassionate outplacement.



Using a customizable and consultative approach to support your unique business needs, we deliver solutions that enable employee productivity and performance.



Our dedicated global team is always ready to respond to your needs, and you can count on their consistency. We deliver a tailored experience to protect your company’s greatest investment – your people.

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our values


We aspire to the highest standards in all that we do. Through innovation, as well as continuous improvement and a commitment to learning, we achieve quality that surpasses our competitors.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Freedom to think creatively and express our unique points of view drives ICC’s work, and we work hard. We also allow time for the celebration and humor that keeps us grounded and engaged.

Own It.

Each ICC team member is committed to taking risks and making good decisions for the company and for our clients. We each carry the ICC brand with us, which represents quality and fiscal responsibility.


We do right by our clients. We are dedicated to consistency in our actions and beliefs, and our utmost priority is honesty and transparency.

The Power of Me In Us, and Us in Me.

We believe that individual differences propel the team, and we capitalize on individual strengths within the group. Each member is important and has a role to play in our success.

Case Studies

Leadership Solutions

CHALLENGE: An organization needed a way to develop next-level supervisors and managers to fill their talent pipeline from the bottom up after uncovering a distinct gap in development and succession at the director, manager and supervisor levels.

SOLUTION: ICC developed and delivered the organization’s first-ever Emerging Leaders Program for high-potential employees and managers. All but two of 16 participants in the inaugural program were promoted by year-end.

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: A company was struggling with identifying key talent for highly visible, mission-critical positions within the company. Leaders didn’t want to simply fill a position with a long-term employee, but rather match someone with the right capabilities to the role. The company’s internal pipeline of future talent was quickly drying up, as those who were not promoted within two years were rapidly leaving the organization for other opportunities.

SOLUTION: ICC designed a talent review process, assisted with creation of communication plans and scripts, and captured objective, measurable data to ensure the organization was matching the right person with the right position. Company leaders now feel confident making promotion decisions, pinpointing development gaps and setting expectations for future performance of all employees.

Outplacement Solutions

CHALLENGE: ICC partnered with a company during its reorganization process. Approximately 100 employees were impacted in five locations in Colorado, California and Virginia.

SOLUTION: ICC coordinated support in each location, providing nine career coaches who were available on-site on the day of notification. The coaches worked alongside the notifying manager and human resources representative, and more than 80 percent of the impacted employees took advantage of the outplacement services.


Don’t take our word for it

  • "This is great information that you are sharing and validates that we made the right decision with expanding the outplacement to our OUS offices. Thank you for the updates … it helps to hear that we made the correct choice."

    Amy Talent Relations Director, Graebel Companies, with Global Operations
  • “My ICC coach was a terrific asset throughout my job search which successfully landed a great new position. ”

    David Hydrogeologist/Project Manager
  • “ICC routinely meets and exceeds our expectations.  The level of service is incredible!”

    Todd Prescott VP, Human Resources, MGMA
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