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Focusing first on the individual, the Brilliant Career™ Outplacement Program is a coach-led and virtually delivered approach to outplacement. Skillfully crafted to bring a dull but critical process to life for the job seeker, this program is a fresh and rewarding experience for each participant. This adaptable solution is ideal for large corporations as well as smaller companies, making reductions-in-force straight-forward, at a sustainable cost.

The Brilliant Career™ Outplacement Program empowers job seekers to regain control of their job search, while other providers use obsolete programs that put the providers idea of outplacement first. Our solution to virtual outplacement means participants work at their own pace and create the future of their choice.

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This agile approach to outplacement means each participant can jump into the program at any point in their search. While it is recommended participants complete the courses in order, if the departed employee has an interview tomorrow, they have immediate access to a library of interviewing tools and resources to help with preparation. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to engage in dynamic, one-on-one conversations with a coach of their choice to accelerate their job search.

Built by certified career transition coaches, this outplacement program meets departed employees wherever they are in their search and connects participants with technology in a way not seen to date.

Tangible Results. High Praise.

  • 3.6 Months

    is the average time in transition for an ICC participant (twice as fast as the national average).

  • 81%

    of ICC’s service users rate the one-on-one service as “Exceeding Expectations.”

  • 95%

    of ICC’s service users rate ICC’s personalized outplacement approach as “Above Average or higher.”

  • 97%

    indicate they would recommend ICC to a friend in need of services.

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Program Features

Scalable Across Large Enterprise Business
Scalable Across Large Enterprise Business
Expertly built for larger organizations who find themselves needing to conduct mass layoffs, at a more efficient cost per employee.
Certified Coach Facilitated
Each individual receives at least two coaching sessions with a dedicated coach to accelerate their effectiveness and promote accountability while conducting their job search.
Robust Resources
Robust Resources
Brilliant Career™ gives users 24/7 access to the Brilliant Career™ Technology Platform which includes job boards, robust job search tools, interview simulators, and much more.
Geographically Dispersed Workforces
Geographically Dispersed Workforces
The Brilliant Career platform and certified coaches can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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Meet Our Certified Coaches

  • Darren Kanthal Senior Leadership Coach & Consultant

    Darren’s approach is straight-forward, empathetic and results-driven, as he seeks to search for win-win…

  • Jennifer McKune Senior Career Transition Coach & Content Lead

    Jennifer is a certified professional career coach and advocate. Her coaching expertise and personable…

  • Shawnna Earnest Senior Career Transition Coach

    Shawnna provides an individualistic approach to helping each client transition during what may…

  • Laura Bennett Senior Leadership Coach & Consultant

    Laura is an experienced Leadership and Transition coach and empowers her clients to lead more boldly in all aspects…

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