The Refocusing Leadership Series: Leading Through Social Unrest- A Leadership Conversation about Race in the Workplace: Episode 4

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Welcome to episode 4 in our special Refocusing Leadership series Leading Through Social Unrest: A Leadership Conversation about Race in the Workplace”.

In this final installment in our Refocusing Leadership Series, ICC’s Meredith Masse talks with human social justice advocate Lee Renfrow. HR Director for the Office of the State Public Defender in Colorado, Lee shares his perspectives about what leaders must do differently to make our workplaces safe spaces for talking about and dealing with systemic racism.

Lee and Meredith discuss:

  • What leaders need to do now to support everyone in their workforces
  • Why talking about race is NOT disruptive nor wrong
  • What businesses can do beyond volunteering once a year or making monetary contributions to community organizations to support social justice and human rights
  • What measures of success can look like to know you’re moving the needle toward sustainable, systemic change

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