The Missing Link: What Every Leadership Development Program is Missing

Most employees return from an in-person training or e-learning course armed with new information and skills. How many of those learners remember more than 70% of the knowledge and skills from that training? And how many of those learners actively changed their behaviors to increase their productivity and effectiveness?

It’s so common: days after the training event, learners begin to forget and revert back to old behaviors and habits. It is like the training never took place at all! So after the company has invested a lot of time and money in the training, the impact tends to be low, frustrating the most forgiving CFOs.

The good news: this training and development conundrum can be turned around. Download this webinar to hear from experts at ICC as they share what we’ve learned from doing “stand-up training” since 2010 and what we’ve done to turn the notions of traditional development practices on its head. Learn exactly what it takes to translate leadership development learnings into better behaviors and sustainable habits for program participants.

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