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The Importance of… Series: Leading as a Coach (ep. 1)

ICC July 6, 2021 0 Comments

Coaching vs. managing. What’s the difference? Why is coaching so critical for successful relationships both inside and outside of work? When is it appropriate to coach vs. manage?

In this first episode of our “The Importance Of…” special series, we sit down with Bill Gould, Vice President of People & Culture at Cochlear. In this conversation, Bill and Meredith uncover the ways coaching can benefit your organization to build higher performing, functioning teams, and debunk common myths about coaching from a leadership perspective. Tune in for:

  • Resources that can be helpful in crafting your coaching approach and leadership style
  • How coaching can help in the development of critcial thinking skills
  • How to use coaching as a tool when it may seem you’re “under attack” in the workplace 
  • Best practices for evolving into an effective coaching leader

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