Technology companies understand the satisfaction and the challenge of building something from nothing. Their people are driven to develop and to improve upon the technology of the past – and to dream up brand-new ideas.

ICC can help you maximize your team’s natural creativity, intelligence, discipline and drive to achieve even greater success. We offer data-driven solutions, based on the latest professional and scientific standards, to develop leaders and to help solve your business challenges through your people.

ICC acts as an extension to your internal resources. We help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Fast-Paced Growth
Fast-Paced Growth
Talented individual contributors are often promoted to management without the time or training needed to succeed in these roles. ICC will help you equip your leaders with the right skills as your company grows.
Minimal Development Budget
Minimal Development Budget
In addition to developing internal leaders, hiring strategically can help support your business goals. ICC helps eliminate lost time and money by focusing on hiring the right person from the outset.
Lack Of Team Focus
Lack Of Team Focus
Brilliant technology teams can sometimes get lost in technical details. ICC can help you create a cohesive team that communicates better and works together around shared goals to achieve success.
ICC helps you maintain your good reputation by offering departing employees compassionate outplacement and support after redundant positions have been eliminated during mergers and acquisitions.

Case Studies

Talent Management Consulting

CHALLENGE: A global telecommunications company, which serves customers in more than 500 markets, spans three continents and more than 60 countries, desired to improve leadership skills as well as interpersonal skills for several leaders who had high future potential.

SOLUTION: Several of ICC’s senior, certified executive coaches worked directly with the various leaders to improve their leadership skills. Coaches reported that these leaders exhibited improved relationships with peers and direct supports, as well as better management skills, as a direct result of the executive coaching. All participants rated the program as “extremely effective.”

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: This online education and training organization was seeking a management training solution for a young, entrepreneurial, fast-paced culture in need of accountability coupled with high growth.

SOLUTION: ICC launched a Management Summit Program with customized training content to support the company’s goals, which resulted in a higher-functioning management team poised to take the organization to the next level of growth. In addition, the program helped build competencies and skills that equipped these young managers to lead their divisions and teams more effectively.


CHALLENGE: A global technology company, which comprises more than 150 data centers and a network reaching 190 countries and provides private network, global IP network and enterprise hosting services, desired to provide outplacement services to departing employees during a restructuring.

SOLUTION: ICC coordinated support for each location. Professional career transition coaches were available on-site on the days of, and following, notifications. The coaches worked alongside human resources leaders to coordinate efforts, and nearly 100 percent of the impacted employees, from field supervisors to corporate executives, took advantage of the outplacement services.

Don’t take our word for it

  • "Our departed employee experience is just what we hoped it would be by making the change to ICC."

    Erica Brown
    Erica Brown Former Senior Director, DigitalGlobe
  • "My ICC coach was flexible and creative in helping me understand my value and helped me craft a strategy to deliver it to prospective employers. I definitely recommend [my coach] to others."

    David Sales Professional
  • "The ICC team has been wonderful to work with. They've invested the time to understand our culture and our business challenges. It's all about the right fit in order to get the desired outcomes, and the team has nailed it each time"

    Laurinda Pang
    Laurinda Pang Regional President, North America and Asia Pacific,                                        Level 3 Communications
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