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    The iLEADTM program starts with expertly facilitated learning sessions which provide powerful, practical skill building in activity-filled 2- to 4-hour segments.


    Technology-driven reinforcement activities expertly crafted to compel participants to apply their learning, increase knowledge retention, achieve measurable objectives and drive lasting behavior change.


    Within the iLEADTM program, every participant partners with a certified coach to work on her/his own skills and knowledge and to course-correct when needed in their own development plans.


    Structured support tools enable managers to reinforce participants’ learning through more effective development conversations and drive improved performance and growth.

iLEADTM Management & Leadership Development Program

ICC’s iLEADTM Leadership Development Program combines powerful training for modern learners with structured on-the-job application to accelerate leaders’ professional development and deliver better ROI on your development investment.

iLEADTM is ICC’s innovative, proprietary leadership development program that’s flipping traditional training frameworks on their heads. Foremost, it addresses one of the biggest training problems: learners return from a course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits – wasting your development dollars.


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iLEADTM guarantees higher knowledge retention and learning engagement, increasing retention from a mere 20% to up to 80%. Programs are expertly crafted to compel participants to apply new skills, increase their knowledge retention, achieve measurable objectives and sustain behavior change. Meeting the needs of today’s modern learner with the seven principles of reinforcement, action-learning sessions delivered in high-impact, short bursts are at iLEAD’sTM foundation. Combining these sessions with technology-driven reinforcement activities, high-impact individual coaching and rigorous manager support, iLEADTM is development that sticks.

ICC’s dynamic iLEADTM program can be tailored for your organization’s specific development needs. The components of your iLEADTM program will be built based on your business strategies and budget considerations.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Leadership Development
No time for development
Addresses the needs of the modern learner and offers learning sessions in activity-packed 2- to 4-hour segments.
Management Training
Little to no retention
Using proven reinforcement methodology, iLEADTM moves your learners from passive to active knowledge transfer back to the job.
Unmeasurable outcomes
With advanced analytics, iLEADTM measures behavior change over time to provide valuable insight on development impact.
Lack of manager support & accountability
Structured support tools enable managers to have more meaningful development conversations and creates an environment of accountability for action and growth.

Developing Emerging Leaders For The Future

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