How Pinsight Can Help Your Organization

By: Clark Jenkins   Promoting the right person and hiring the right person have always been, and continue to be a challenge and expensive task for most organizations. At ICC, we are excited [...]

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High Impact Succession Management

By: Stephanie Williams Several years ago, I worked for a large company whose COO was long expected to take over the Chief Executive position when the time was right. Suddenly, however, the COO [...]

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The Hiring Process Today

By: Clark Jenkins The human resource community in Cincinnati has some fantastic resources that provide frequent learning opportunities. With groups such as The Association for Talent Development [...]

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An Organizational Health Wake-Up Call

By: Meredith Masse Thank goodness leaders and managers are becoming increasingly aware of the critical importance of paying attention not only to organizational performance (operational [...]

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Start Planning Your 2017 Strategy Now

By: Clark Jenkins Recently, ICC, along with several of our other global OI affiliates sent out a survey to several different industries in order to identify some of the key issues facing [...]

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