Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly

Hire slowly, fire quickly. Seems rather straightforward. But in reality, this is the exact opposite of how most companies operate. And it can seemingly be for good reasons—at least the [...]

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Three Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You

You’re deep in your job search, you’re rolling along on your own when you get a call from a recruiter about a position that you would be “perfect” for. You have considered working with a [...]

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3 Best Ways to Find a Job Candidate

One of the most common questions we come across in this industry is, “How do I find a GREAT candidate?” Sure, there are plenty of options when searching for a new employee. But how do you save [...]

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Top 4 Hiring Mistakes

According to a recent survey conducted by OI Partners, it costs two times a manager’s salary and two and a half times an executive’s salary to replace one who leaves. Let’s extrapolate a bit from [...]

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