How to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

Today, more employees have called me, feeling frustrated as they no longer feel appreciated by their employers. The comments have included: “I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company [...]

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Alternatives to Downsizing

What employer wants to experience a downsizing? No one that I know! And yet this happens over and over. Is there a way to avoid a downsizing or find an alternative path? Not always, but YES, [...]

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5 Healthy Signs of Growing Leaders

Leadership is one of the hottest topics in recent years. Hundreds of books and thousands of articles have been written and continue to be written about leadership – like this one! Through my [...]

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GUEST POST: Becoming a Global Leader

In today’s global business environment, leaders are called upon to manage across countries and cultures. An effective leader has to be able to communicate effectively with people who have [...]

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