How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

By: Clark Jenkins As more companies look to cut cost in the hiring process, online interviews are now the norm and not the exception. With the increase in remote careers, more meetings and [...]

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5 Ways to Rock Your Next Interview

Landing a job is the end goal for all job seekers, but a proactive job search isn’t as simple as that. It’s often a long process that includes resume building, networking, seeking out positions [...]

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Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly

Hire slowly, fire quickly. Seems rather straightforward. But in reality, this is the exact opposite of how most companies operate. And it can seemingly be for good reasons—at least the [...]

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7 Tips for Acing an Interview

In his book What Color Is Your Parachute, Richard Bolles stresses the importance of the first two minutes in an interview. In that first few minutes, it is critical to initially build trust with [...]

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