Engaging the Disengaged

By: Susan Ruhl We’ve all heard it. Nobody likes their job or the company they work for. Well maybe it’s not quite that dramatic but it is true that a Gallup poll indicates that disengagement is [...]

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The Hiring Process Today

By: Clark Jenkins The human resource community in Cincinnati has some fantastic resources that provide frequent learning opportunities. With groups such as The Association for Talent Development [...]

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Does Your Team Lack Trust?

By: Liz Wilson Trust. The catch-all for what’s wrong with a team. But trust means different things to different people. And based on our experience, personality and patience, our interest in [...]

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Do You Really Need an Executive Coach?

By: Shawna Simcik Recently, a client shared the comment with me, “I don’t think I really need a coach.” I asked, “Why?” and she replied, “I have read so many leadership books, been to a ton of [...]

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