Anonymity… Is It a Good Thing?

By: Susan Ruhl Here’s the situation: You’ve been hearing some grumblings about the work environment or you may feel that Glassdoor is not your friend.  Or there may have been a big change in [...]

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GUEST POST: Becoming a Global Leader

In today’s global business environment, leaders are called upon to manage across countries and cultures. An effective leader has to be able to communicate effectively with people who have [...]

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Can Corporate Culture Be Changed?

As organizations work to stay competitive or prepare to move to the next level, a common conversation centers on their corporate culture. Do they have the “right culture” to be successful? And if [...]

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What Does Business Casual Really Mean?

Last week a client called me with a dilemma: “My new company has a Business Casual dress code.  There are a lot of people I need to influence.  How do I make my appearance appropriate and [...]

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