Refocusing Leadership: Questions Leaders Need to Ask Themselves Now

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Refocusing Leadership: Questions Leaders Need to Ask Themselves Now

By Meredith Masse

For our “Is It Worth It?” podcast, we’ve launched the new “Refocusing Leadership” series to support leaders in making the best decisions to move your organizations forward as COVID continues to change nearly everything about how we work. In this series, we’re dialing into what organizations need to do to refocus their leadership as we navigate the uncharted waters of the continuing pandemic. Because many leaders have no past experience in dealing with the number of and types of disruptive changes organizations are currently wrestling with, we want to bring you the insights of thought leaders from across industries to support you in making the best decisions to move your organization forward.

In our first episode, Meredith Masse talks with Senior Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant Hank Provost about the questions leaders need to be asking themselves right now as they consider what’s next for their organizations. We address some challenging topics such as:

  • What do leaders need to ask themselves as they anticipate a constantly changing new normal?
  • If and as the majority of American knowledge workers continue to work from home, what do leaders need to do differently to keep their team members connected: to their organizations, their leaders and their teams?
  • What new practices do leaders need to put in place now to keep their teams committed, engaged and productive?
  • What are more traditional leaders struggling with as the way we work changes, and what do they need to be asking themselves right now?

Tune into the first episode of our “Is It Worth It?: Refocusing Leadership” Podcast Series and leave your ideas below in response to these and other questions.

Do leaders in your organization need support in navigating through these challenging times? Let us help with our one-on-one or team coaching support.

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