Protecting Your Organization’s Biggest Investment: ICC’s Accelerator Program™ Product Showcase

Is it worth it to develop your organization’s managers and emerging leaders?

Let’s do the math: Let’s say one manager in your organization manages 5 people. Those 5 employees’ salaries are equal to $35,000 per year before benefits and bonuses. That one leader is responsible for $175,000 in people assets. Now multiply that by, say, 5 total managers with similarly sized teams. That’s $875,000 in assets these managers are responsible for.

Is your organization willing to leave the leadership of that $875,000 investment to chance?

NOW’S THE TIME… Time to ensure those responsible for your organization’s biggest investment are prepared to lead and manage others.

Let ICC show you how!

In this lively product showcase, experts from ICC demonstrate how we’ve transformed our clients’ manager and leadership development strategies with our state-of-the-art Accelerator Program™. We show you how together we can transform mundane training meetings into powerful development experiences for your organization’s modern learners to help them increase their effectiveness in protecting the organization’s people investment.

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