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Promote right. Hire right. PinsightTM is the first comprehensive, global talent-management solution accurately predicting employees’ potential to execute strategy for your organization’s competitive advantage.

Based on decades of research, this methodology is one of the most powerful talent management interventions available. It allows you to hone in on each employee’s skills development progress to determine when he or she is ready for the next level of leadership.

Pinsight’s algorithms analyze an employee’s behavior within a job-related simulation. These observations are combined with personality and learning agility measures to arrive at a concrete estimate of when an employee or candidate will be ready to execute your key strategic goals.

As a global network provider of PinsightTM, ICC helps companies of all sizes and industries hire, promote and develop leaders of all levels.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Costly hiring
Costly hiring
Optimize your hiring process and achieve long-term strategic goals by applying invaluable insights into best-fit candidates’ skills and personalities.
Wasted development
Wasted development
Invest wisely in leaders' development. Target development to what leaders need, rather than what you think they need. The training needs analysis stems directly from the business strategy.
Succession planning
Succession planning
Understanding your bench strength has never been easier. Use proven measures to better understand your leaders’ current skill sets and their ability to achieve your organization’s strategic goals.
Manager bias
Manager bias
This unbiased system helps you identify which employees have the greatest growth potential to develop quickly, based on your specific strategic goals and vision.

PinsightTM is the recipient of the Gold award in the Excellence in Gaming and Simulations category of the Chief Learning Officer® Magazine’s 2015 Learning in Practice Awards.

PINSIGHT 2016 Silver-Learning-Award image

More Engaging. More Accurate.

  • 83%

    of participants say it's better than other assessments

  • 84%

    of participants say it's realistic and engaging

  • 250%

    more accurate than interviews

  • 91%

    of participants improved performance after six months

  • 80%

    less expensive than face-to-face assessment centers

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