Spousal Relocation & Employee Transition Services

A key component to recruiting the best people is acknowledging the employee’s family unit. Ease the stress of your new employee’s transition with employee transition and spousal relocation services.

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Whether the employee’s significant other is moving with them within the U.S. or internationally, ICC’s compassionate CoManaged Outplacement ProgramTM provides employee relocation services and job search support services helping the spouse re-establish him or herself in a new location. This program reinforces that the spouse is valued and appreciated by your organization.

When one spouse or partner relocates for a new position, the other often needs help finding a job as well. Trying to find a job in a town where you don’t have many contacts can compound anxiety and decrease the chances of retaining the new employee. Offering spousal relocation services can go far in establishing rapport with a new employee and demonstrating concern for the employee’s family.

Our CoManaged ProgramTM is a unique, proprietary spousal relocation product designed to quickly empower a spouse in his or her job search in a new city while also meeting the recruitment strategies and budget requirements of the employer.

ICC can help you retain your new employee, and your investment, by easing his or her spouse’s job search and relocation process. The flexible nature of the CoManaged ProgramTM produces spousal relocation programs where content, duration and service profile will vary by individual.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

To find the best talent, you often must look beyond your own region. Our spousal relocation services make your offer more attractive to top talent.
We help you retain your recruit, and your investment, by easing his or her spouse’s job search and relocation process.
Moving is stressful for anyone. We help make your employee’s transition to a new job and location easier by supporting the family’s needs.
We help make your relocation offer more attractive to an employee by supporting his or her spouse’s transition to a new place.


Our Approach

  • Budget

    Together we design a spousal relocation package around your desired budget.

  • Service

    Your employee chooses from a menu of employee relocation services, using his or her allotted service units, for maximum individualization.

  • Coach

    Our coach meets with the employee and spouse, in-person or virtually, to advise them about the available services and the best approach for their individual needs.

  • Customize

    The spouse has control over when and how the service units are used. Each program is tailored to the spouse’s particular needs.

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