Organizational Renewal & Change Management Consultant Services

Layoffs and downsizing affect everyone in your organization – not just the employees who are let go. Organizational renewal acknowledges remaining employees’ emotions and contributions to get productivity on track.

ICC can help managers effectively prepare for change management and the emotional shift that occurs during times of layoffs. Demonstrating your care for remaining employees is a key piece to organizational renewal and just as important as how you treat the employees who are asked to leave the business. It is important to reassure the people in the organization that they have value and that you respect their contributions.

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In many ways, during times of organizational change, the support provided by our change management consultants and services can help the surviving employees that may feel like victims, or who ponder why they were not chosen. In addition, these remaining employees may have more work to do with a shift in roles/responsibilities. They may have different jobs to learn and you may be asking them to step up and take on higher level or broader responsibilities.

This is an excellent time for a career development discussion with each of the people who report to you. Identify the additional training, resources and support they feel they need and provide it if possible. Some people may feel passed over during a downsizing; those who do must be assured of their value.

Help each individual feel as if the skills they have or are obtaining will make them highly marketable, ensuring self-security and high self-esteem. In both the value discussion and the career development discussion, your goal with change management is to help people feel confident that they have the capacity to contribute, grow, and master the changed work environment.

Serving organizations, ICC gives you the tools you need for organizational renewal and the change management consultant services essential for motivating employees after a layoff. Addressing survivors’ guilt and other downsizing effects early on, helps your organization maintain focus on rebuilding and growing business. Innovate Coach Consult’s organizational renewal services mitigates the negative side of downsizing, helping to propel your company forward.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Low morale
Low morale
We help you recognize and address the effects of layoffs and other major changes among your people to get business back on track.
People often behave differently after a major organizational change. We give you tools to care for and motivate your remaining employees.
We partner with you to ensure that change is managed well so that productivity and revenue can remain high.
Managers often dread the effects of layoffs and transitions. We help them manage their guilt and fear, and maintain their credibility as leaders.


Our Approach

  • Assess

    ICC will help you assess the state of your team following a major change and will work with you to identify desired goals and outcomes following our program.

  • Design

    We will design a change management program with sessions and tools that meet your organization’s specific needs using tools like the Job Transition Emotional Path or Kübler-Ross emotional model.

  • Deliver

    From one-day virtual sessions to multi-course live sessions, your experienced ICC team will deliver a change management program to meet your team’s unique needs. The program will be supported by appropriate books, workbooks and other materials.

  • Evaluate

    How have we moved the needle for you? Using assessments and stakeholder surveys, we measure progress toward meeting your objectives.

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