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GatewayTM — Career Management

Employees who lack a clear career path can become disengaged and disgruntled. ICC helps you empower your employees to take charge of their own career development and forge personal career paths. Using our career management tool, GatewayTM , you can better equip your managers and leaders to conduct career conversations and understand employee career aspirations and, in turn, improve employee engagement and morale.

ICC is a global provider of GatewayTM, a flexible, online career management, tools and service system. GatewayTM provides users with interactive career tools, e-learning, assessments and expert advice delivered by professional career coaches. It is an environment where your employees can understand their career options within your organization and proactively direct their own career development. GatewayTM can be tailored with your branding, easily configured with your content, and includes real-time reporting, easy-to-use content management and administration.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Employee retention
Employee retention
An effective career management strategy enhances employee value, and improves productivity and retention.
Uncertain paths
Uncertain paths
GatewayTM increases visibility of employees' skills and aspirations, streamlining the career management process for managers.
We help employees play a more active role in managing their own careers paths, increasing engagement.
Employee motivation
Employee motivation
We help employees visualize their career growth within the company and help them add value to your organization.

More Features. Expert Advice.

  • E-Learning

    Employees are guided through the process with 500+ short courses, expert videos, tutorials and articles within 30 learning paths.

  • Assessments

    The platform’s motivation, personality and resilience tests and reports highlight key considerations for how to manage each employee in his or her career path.

  • Expert Coaches

    ICC professional career coaches are available to share expert advice with employees through e-learning resources and live interactions

  • Reporting

    Managers can track and report on career plans for employees and groups. Reports can be tailored for specific content, actions and objectives.

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