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Downsizing, layoffs, mergers, reorganization or restructuring. Whatever the name, whatever the reason, an employee losing a job is a painful, emotional and often devastating experience. As you navigate layoffs and major organizational changes, you want to do the right thing by your people. You also want to maintain your good reputation and manage costs. ICC offers outplacement support services and assistance for businesses going through this transition.

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ICC can help you avoid or mitigate the long-term, hidden costs of layoffs including: lost time, waning productivity, a tarnished reputation, devastated employee morale, diminished customer loyalty and potential legal action. Our compassionate, one-on-one outplacement programs help offset the effects of layoffs.

ICC’s compassionate CoManaged Outplacement Program™ is a unique, proprietary program designed to quickly empower the employee in his or her job search while meeting the budget requirements of the employer. The program is co-managed between the dedicated outplacement transition coach and the employee who, together, design a program that addresses the unique needs and interests of the employee. This collaborative approach produces effective results and makes the best use of the outplacement fee.

The flexible nature of our outplacement support services mean content, duration and service profile will vary by individual. It has several advantages over traditional outplacement programs, such as an extended time limit on services (vs. the one- to three-month traditional model). An employee can also use his or her service units for retirement services, self-employment, job or assimilation coaching. Our number one goal at ICC is to provide our clients and the departed employee with the best assistance, resources, knowledge and tools available.


  • 3.8 Months

    is the average time in transition for an ICC participant (twice as fast as the national average).

  • 94%

    of ICC’s service users rate the one-on-one service as “Exceeding Expectations.”

  • 98%

    of ICC’s service users rate ICC’s personalized outplacement approach as “Above Average or higher.”

  • 99%

    indicate they would recommend ICC to a friend in need of services.


Outplacement Challenges ICC helps clients solve

We help you maintain your good reputation by offering departing employees support after redundant positions have been eliminated.
We help you avoid lawsuits and other unforeseen challenges during your restructuring by offering outplacement support services.
We help you plan for the up-and-down cycles inherent to business and the economy. Manage layoffs strategically and plan for future talent needs.
We help you maintain morale and commitment among remaining staff by helping you support outgoing employees.


At a Glance…

  • Budget

    Together, we will design an outplacement program to fit your budget.

  • Service

    The employee can choose from a menu of outplacement support services to maximize individualization, and units never expire.

  • Coach

    The ICC coach will meet with the employee in person to discuss which outplacement support services best meet his or her needs.

  • Personalize

    Employees may use their service units when and how they choose with no expiration date. Each outplacement program is tailored to the individual.

Don’t take our word for it

  • “My coach was outstanding.  I didn't feel like a client, but rather a partner working with her to position me for success.  The process took longer than I had hoped, however, she was always providing feedback and advice to encourage me.  It is really challenging to articulate the impact my coach had on my job search during a difficult time for me professionally and personally.

  • “Great resources, proactive support, great to be provided with credit options on flex plan.”

  • “My coach was awesome! She was very knowledgeable about the job market and what it takes to snag a job. She was easy to speak with and her communication skills were phenomenal. My coach helped with my resume, LinkedIn page and help put together a marketing scheme for me. When it came time to interview, she coached me and helped me prepare. I have never felt more prepared or confident in an interview.

  • Thank you for all the assistance, mentoring and advice, I would recommend everyone who has been laid off by their company as I was, to work with ICC and a career coach.

  • Your program guide was spot on and met all my needs.  My coach is a phenomenal person and made me feel supported and boosted my confidence while looking for work.

  • “Getting through the emotional part of losing my job was hard, but it also made me more appreciative and got me out of my comfort zone to grow. And it definitely helps to have support from folks like you. Thank you again. Your advice helped organize my thoughts and have confidence to stand up for myself. I appreciate your empathy and support. You definitely helped me keep my chin up through one of the hardest chapters of my life. Thank you for being there for me and for my colleagues.”


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