Succession Planning

Why is succession planning important? The success of your business hinges on leadership continuity and your ability to maintain operations during times of change. Do you know who would take over for a key leader if he or she left suddenly, fell ill or – worse – passed away?

Not everyone wants to be or should be a leader in your organization, and some of your current leaders may not have the strategic and management skills to be successful at the next level. The path of experience must be orchestrated to ensure that your leaders will be ready to meet your organizational strategy. ICC helps you take the guesswork out of planning for the future with our business and leadership succession planning. We will work with you to develop an actionable plan for retaining and developing your company’s future leaders.

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Unfortunately, with the best efforts, managers still misidentify the right talent for succession 60 percent of the time. Why? Personal bias. Decisions based merely on gut feelings don’t translate to business outcomes. We can and want to hire and promote from the heart, and keep the “people” aspect in these decisions, but relying on instinct rather than objective facts fails to embrace the demands of the modern workplace. The success of your organization now, and in the future, depends upon an informed succession planning strategy.

Using qualified assessments, the first comprehensive, global talent management solution, ICC will replace unintended, subjective bias with objective, accurate data about your people and their potential to support your organization. As we work with you to create a comprehensive business and leadership succession plan, ICC helps you maintain your most important competitive advantage – your people – by focusing on promoting the right talent who can keep your business operating smoothly.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Do you know who will take over if a key leader leaves? We help you plan for the future to keep your business operating smoothly.
Bad leaders
Bad leaders
Not everyone wants to be a leader. We teach you how to be honest about potential across the organization.
Lack of skills
Lack of skills
Do your current leaders have the strategic and management skills they need to be successful? We help them get there.
Hiring woes
Hiring woes
We help you maintain your competitive edge by focusing on attracting and retaining top talent. Defining a vision for hiring, retention and ongoing development.


Our Approach

  • Define

    ICC will work with you to better understand your company culture and key positions. In addition, we will clarify expectations and provide a timeline for the plan.

  • Assess

    Using qualified assessments, we will replace personal bias with objective, high-accuracy talent data to create a comprehensive succession plan for high-performing employees.

  • Develop

    ICC will present recommendations for employees who are ready for promotion and facilitate a discussion about your bench strength and development requirements.

  • Strategize

    Ensure the future success of your business with the right leaders. Throughout the process, we will help you define and clarify your strategic talent acquisition and development process.

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