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Organizational Culture Assessment & Survey

A deeper understanding of your organization’s culture helps you create a road map for future success. Using an organizational culture assessment, ICC will gather objective data that helps you identify gaps in behaviors and expectations that could be impacting your business results.

By getting to know your current story through the use of a survey, we can help you identify both challenges and opportunities for creating organizational effectivness. This creates a stronger team and a long-term vision for your business.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Disjointed efforts
Disjointed efforts
We capture objective, measurable data on current culture and pinpoint gaps in processes, behaviors and expectations to guide your strategic plan.
Lack of focus
Lack of focus
We identify areas in your culture that could be inhibiting strategic focus and help you create a change management plan to overcome them.
We identify communication challenges between teams and departments that can lead to lack of strategic focus.
Merger culture clash
Merger culture clash
We help you smooth over culture clashes that are common after a merger. Bring the teams together toward a common goal and purpose.


Our Approach

  • Discovery

    We want to know your story. The ICC team will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s current culture, key behaviors and your goals for the assessment.

  • Design

    ICC experts will design a culture assessment plan using tools that meet your specific needs. We will also develop a plan for communicating with your staff about the assessment.

  • Deploy

    Our certified and experienced experts will deploy the survey and monitor responses.

  • Analyze

    Your ICC team will analyze the survey data and develop recommendations for implementing change in your organization that fosters both short-term and long-term positive results.

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