Competency Development Solutions

In order to achieve success, you must first define it. ICC helps you identify your organization’s key success factors and helps you align your people’s behaviors with those goals. These are principle based organization development solutions.

Focusing on competency and accountability, we help your organization achieve better results through your people. We will guide you in creating a talent, leadership, and organizational development plan with high performance and success at its heart.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

We help you move your people out of the status quo through accountability and alignment with strategic goals for success.
We will help you focus on employee accountability and build a framework for business growth through your people.
Wasted time and money
Wasted time and money
Make the right hiring decision the first time to save both time and money. We will help you get there.
Misguided leadership
Misguided leadership
You should define what success means for your organization. We will help you align your leaders with your definition of success.


Our Approach

  • Define

    We will work with you to create your organization’s definition of success and outline characteristics and behaviors that align with that definition.

  • Plan

    Your ICC team will develop an action plan that defines roles, responsibilities, goals and accountability measures. The plan will employ various methods including task forces, assessments and facilitated discussions.

  • Present

    ICC experts will facilitate a discussion about the results with project sponsors. The team will then prepare a communication plan and roll out this out to remaining stakeholders in the organization.

  • Strategize

    ICC will help your team link this process to other talent development activities including talent acquisition, development plans, training programs and performance management.

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