For this cyclical and competitive industry, employment problems can evolve rapidly. During busy cycles, simply finding enough qualified people to do the work can be a challenge. During slower cycles, staffing needs change.

ICC’s proven talent management strategies and compassionate outplacement services can help your company reach new heights and navigate changing economic conditions and industry needs. We will work with you to create a game plan focused on growth and effective talent management.

ICC acts as an extension to your internal resources. We help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and compassionate outplacement services.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Complacency and the status quo won’t work in an industry experience such dynamic cycles. ICC will help leaders learn to stay nimble during change and to develop strategy that moves the company forward regardless of outside factors.
Lack Of Direction
Lack Of Direction
When leaders are reactive rather than proactive, your company is at the mercy of
industry or economic trends. With clear strategy and direction, however, your leaders can help your company stay ahead of changes and challenges.
ICC will work with you to create a game plan that accounts for long-term strategy.
Downturns are a time for companies to adapt to challenging conditions and focus on the people who are critical to success. ICC will help you develop great leaders who support strength, growth, efficiency and effective talent management.
The oil and gas industry is rapidly changing, and employees are often faced with the stress of layoffs, restructuring and divestitures. ICC’s compassionate outplacement eases stress and allows the business to focus on the future.

Case Studies

Talent Management Consulting

CHALLENGE: Managers of a division within a large oil and gas company approached ICC after the department received the lowest rating within the entire company. There were a significant number of safety issues and workplace incidences that were attributed to a lack of training, development and overall concern from the employees of this department.

SOLUTION: ICC gathered data to establish a baseline of what was working, reflecting the company’s values and operations of today. Once data was analyzed, ICC designed and launched a collaborative Values Task Force to compose and strengthen workplace values, specifically safety. The values-based driven culture improved customer and employee satisfaction, and financial return, by reducing workplace safety incidences to 0 percent within one quarter of implementation. The division is now rated as one of the top departments in the annual employee engagement survey.

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: Rapid changes at this regional power company, including a new GM/CEO, were creating extreme frustration and turnover among the management team and dedicated, tenured employees who had a strong affiliation to the legacy of the organization. The organization wanted to shore up gaps in behaviors and expectations that would be needed to attain company goals and ultimately lead to a culture of continuous improvement where change was seen as a positive.

ICC launched an organizational culture survey and obtained a 90 percent employee participation rate. Using a linking-pin feedback process, feedback, communication and action planning were rolled out throughout the organization. The program ultimately led to employee buy-in and action planning with senior leadership in order to create a strong sense of direction for future strategy.


CHALLENGE: ICC partnered with a large exploration and production company during its acquisition by new corporate ownership. ICC supported more than 100 employees in locations in Colorado and North Dakota with compassionate outplacement as they were not to be part of the new company.

SOLUTION: ICC coordinated support for each location, including having professional Career Transition Coaches available on-site on the days of and following notifications. The coaches worked alongside the human resources leader to coordinate efforts, and nearly 100% of the impacted employees, from field supervisors to corporate executives, took advantage of the outplacement services.

Don’t take our word for it

  • "ICC takes care in tailoring their approach to the needs of the organization and the impacted employees – in contrast to the ‘off the shelf’ approach that we felt with [the other company]."

    Erica Wyatt
    Erica Wyatt Vice President of Human Resources, Intrepid Potash, Inc.
  • "My ICC coach was so personable and valuable to me in my search for a job. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her help."

    Brian Internal Auditor
  • "The quality of the program and materials delivered was excellent; we are very happy."

    Jacqueline Sargent
    Jacqueline Sargent General Manager and CEO, Platte River Power Authority
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