Moving Them On Compassionately: ICC’s Brilliant Career Modern Outplacement Product Showcase

When was the last time separated employees were asked if the outplacement services your company is providing are actually worth the investment? Is your current provider actually helping former employees land in great new jobs faster or are services offered simply to check a box?

It’s time to consider if your company is truly getting what it’s paying for and if those services actually support employees in their job searches.

Download this webinar for a lively product showcase during which experts from ICC will spotlight our exclusive, scalable, modern outplacement solution: Brilliant Career™. Brilliant Career™ combines practical, virtually-delivered job search tools with live, one-on-one coaching support to ensure your former employees can land in new roles up to 2 times faster while maintaining your budget.

If you agree it’s time to take a look at a more modern and a more compassionate outplacement approach, please, watch this webinar.

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