In a challenging global economy, efficiency is required to remain competitive. Manufacturing remains one of the single biggest drivers of economic activity, but companies will need to use new methods to stay ahead of the curve.

Efficiency, productivity and clear business goals will help manufacturers move forward. Leadership and communication skills will help your people tap into their potential and carry your company to success and profits.

ICC acts as an extension to your internal resources. We help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

You keep your equipment and your line in top shape at all times, and your people deserve the same investment. With ICC, leaders gain the skills they need to think strategically, lead teams and achieve better business performance.
Misguided Leadership
Misguided Leadership
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Your team must work together like a well-oiled machine, and strong leadership will help them achieve that goal. When leaders can rally the team behind shared goals, systems hum.
Lack Of Skills
Lack Of Skills
Leadership comes naturally to only a select few people. Most leaders need coaching to build their strategic and management skill set. ICC will help your managers and leadership team tap into their full potential.
As the manufacturing industry evolves and changes, employees are often faced with the stress of layoffs and restructuring. ICC’s compassionate outplacement eases stress and allows the business to focus on the future.

Case Studies

Talent Management Consulting

CHALLENGE: This global manufacturing organization, which provides power and control technology to manufacturers worldwide, wanted to create a leadership development program that focused on identified development gaps, resulting in a succession-ready pool of high potential employees. The company needed a way to develop next-level supervisors and managers to fulfill its talent pipeline from within.

SOLUTION: ICC worked with company principals to develop a five-month leadership program customized to fit the needs of the organization. The program included manager nominations, competency development, coursework design, facilitation, and group and individual coaching for three tiers of leaders. The organization experienced no attrition during the second year and expanded the program to include global locations in the third year.

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: ICC was called on to partner with several internal organizations within a global apparel manufacturer following analysis of the company’s annual employee engagement survey results, which pointed to growing disenchantment and disengagement among employees.

SOLUTION: ICC supported leaders in the finance, legal and human resources areas by facilitating often emotionally charged team discussions. During each session, ICC’s expert facilitator masterfully guided each team in objectively reviewing survey results and steered discussion to solutions-oriented action planning. After each session, each team left with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each member to support elevating team members’ engagement levels.


CHALLENGE: A large manufacturing organization was closing plant operations due to a restructuring within the division. This union plant operation employed more than 200 tenured employees. The affected employees departed over a five-month period.

SOLUTION: ICC provided compassionate outplacement services to all 200 employees. The program included onsite orientation sessions, career transition workshops and one-on-one, individualized coaching. ICC partnered with the local workforce center, college and unemployment office to ensure the highest level of support for departing employees.

Don’t take our word for it

  • "The ICC team was my company's key Career Transition vendor. They did excellent work for us, and we were particularly pleased with their professionalism, flexibility and creativity."

    Steve Bloom
    Steve Bloom Former Chief People Officer, ProBuild
  • "My coach helped me better understand my options. She took the time to understand my goals and objectives, and she customized the program to help me."

    Hugh Sales Compensation Design Manager
  • "I wanted to send a big ‘THANK YOU’ to you and your team at ICC. We have a story of success from someone who wanted to succeed, but needed the right tools to help her become a better manager."

    Justin Hill
    Justin Hill Vice President, MARS
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