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Kenny Stark: Biography

After pivoting from the primary healthcare industry early on, and prior to joining ICC, Kenny has worked in the management consulting arena focusing on areas such as benefits communications for the world's biggest and best employers. He is also an experienced freelancer across multiple capacities and prides himself in his adaptability, communication skills and commitment to being a lifelong learner.

Fun Facts About Kenny:

Creative Critical-Thinker

Real-Time Adaptability

Willingly Positive Contributor

Exceed Expectations or Bust

Angel's Advocate

Big Cheese Dreamer

Armchair Critic

Chip off the Old Block

Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Business, Boise State University

Community Engagement:

  • Holiday Volunteer (toy drive)
  • Local Tennis Player (leagues, tournaments, etc.)
  • Local Events (networking, shows, concerts, etc.)

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