Keep on, Keeping on! Surviving the Winter Blues During Layoffs

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“Keep on, Keeping on! Surviving the Winter Blues During Layoffs”

By: Shawna Simcik

The holidays are a time of celebration, reflection and excitement. We celebrate the successes and reflect on the shortcomings of the previous year, yet we are filled with excitement of the New Year to come. A good friend of mine wrote to me this week and said, “I’m looking for opportunities where I get to do what I love to do and have the opportunity to make more money. I’m exploring; it will be fun to see what comes to me in the New Year.”

Although for many this time may also be filled with sadness and doubt. You may be experiencing concern about the new year, frustration with the lack of response from job applications, or anxiety about answering the question about, “what do you do?” at the holiday party. Filled with the winter blues, many of us do not take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded to us during the holiday season, or we fall victim to the holiday job-search blunders.

While it can be difficult, here are some suggestions to keep positive energy flowing during the hectic and sometimes gloomy time of the season:

  1. Be prepared. Take this time of year to ensure that your resume and cover letters are in the best possible shape, easy to read and tell your compelling story.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile, including your contact information, and participate in conversations. Jump in with activity that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge.
  3. Take the time to identify your target roles and target companies. Send them individual holiday cards to differentiate yourself from any competition, and when their new budgets open for the new year, you will be the first one they think of for their open positions.
  4. Give back to your community not only feels good, but it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, network and gain a new skill. Many organizations are looking for volunteers in the winter months.
  5. Attend a social event. Many business associations and groups hold social events in December. Find a friend to go with and take advantage of these events to meet new people.  Every conversation shouldn’t be about your job search, but rather do make sure you have your elevator pitch ready to roll.
  6. Take time for informational interviews. Typically, the last two weeks of December can be a great time to get on to the calendars of others. makers and they have more time for meetings. Set these up in advance to take advantage of this down time.
  7. Reconnect with your contacts. Think about sending out a holiday greeting, keep it electronic so to save expense, but the winter months are a good time to revisit your LinkedIn connections, talk with former colleagues and reach out to people in your network. Ask how they are doing and thank them for any help they’ve offered during this time. Be gracious.

Many companies are laying the ground work for hiring to begin at the first of the year. If you’ve kept up with your search during the winter months, you’ll be top of mind when a hiring manager is able to make the offer. Being in transition can be an up and down time, and the winter blues can add to the stress.  Following some of these tips can help keep the job search momentum alive!

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