Is Leadership Development Worth It? Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Development Programs for Higher ROI in 2021

Leaders have been going to courses and trainings for decades to beef up their leadership capabilities. They’ve been put through leadership development programs ad nauseum. Yet, they keep coming back to their desks and everyone notices: nothing really has changed when leaders return to the rigors of their day jobs.

Now, in 2021, you plan to invest in development for your organizations leaders, but you know you will be required to demonstrate measurable differences and an actual return on investment. But, how?

Join experts from ICC who will take you through the process of creating development programs and opportunities that drive organizational outcomes and a higher return on the development investment. We’ll talk about where to start with planning worthwhile development efforts, how to measure if they are actually influencing leaders’ behaviors for the better and how to look at the ROI of the development efforts.

If executive leadership in your organization is demanding more from the organization’s leader yet want proof that development efforts are worth it, don’t miss this conversation.

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