So, Whats The Deal?

How Do I Participate:

Attendees and participant’s can register here. Participant’s please send an email to with a request to participate and be sure to include your information regarding your performance.  Be sure to include any special requests.  We will be in touch asap with time slot information as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

What gear is provided, if any?

A four channel Bose Model 1 L2  will be provided.  This is a four channel mixer.  In addition, a bass amplifier and a drum kit will be provided.

  • There will be two mics/mic stands
  • Bring your own instrument
  • Cables will be provided

Are there any rules? Guidelines?

  • Participants receive a ten minute time slot.
  • All participants are expected to be there for the first performer through the last performer.  It’s common courtesy.
  • Absolutely No Selling – Please do not solicit business in any way.
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