For all organizations, leadership errors can lead to delays, lost sales and diminished customer satisfaction. In healthcare, however, even minor mistakes can cause catastrophic results. All industries require focus, effective communication and accountability; but in healthcare, the results could be life or death.

At ICC, we understand the pressures and challenges many healthcare organizations face in today’s complex landscape. Hospitals, primary care offices, pharmaceutical providers, medical staffing companies and hospice facilities are all tasked with ensuring a high level of patient care while managing talent and leadership concerns.

Common challenges include hiring, retaining and engaging your top talent; dealing with the pace of change and reduced budgets; or developing technical experts, including physicians, who are equipped to take on leadership roles.

ICC acts as an extension to your internal resources. We help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

Retaining skilled talent is key to ensuring the highest quality patient care. ICC helps your organization attract and retain top talent by supporting the employee’s relocating spouse and family, in addition to other services.
Unrefined Skills
Unrefined Skills
While healthcare requires the highest level of credentials, leadership skills can often be lacking. ICC coaching allows highly skilled physicians and other personnel to build on years of education and experience to achieve leadership success.
Patient Experience
Patient Experience
Improving patient experience and satisfaction is a priority for healthcare organizations. Employee education and professional development through ICC help connect staff’s skills with the overarching goal of excellent patient care.
As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and change, employees are faced with the stress of layoffs and restructuring. ICC’s restructuring services help eases that stress for employees and allows the organization to focus on the future.

Case Studies

Talent Management Consulting

CHALLENGE: A national, nonprofit healthcare corporation based in Colorado needed to develop and prepare a finance director to step into higher levels of leadership as part of the organization’s succession plan.

SOLUTION: One of ICC’s senior, certified executive coaches worked directly with the finance leader to improve his communication skills, his leadership capabilities and his overall business acumen to allow him to step into the senior executive role.

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: A medical device company was struggling with building its leadership pipeline for mission-critical positions that reported directly to the executive management team. C-suite leaders recognized this gap as a serious weakness of this publicly held company; leaving it vulnerable in the eyes of its internal and external stakeholders.

SOLUTION: ICC developed and delivered the organization’s first-ever Leadership Development Program for high-potential managers that better positioned members of this cohort for assuming higher levels of leadership. Several were promoted within a year of completing the program.


CHALLENGE: ICC supported one of Colorado’s largest providers of group dental benefits in a reorganization as it transitioned its internal operations to more efficiently meet the needs of its members and the dentists it serves.

SOLUTION: Prior to the official reorganization, ICC conducted “personal branding” workshops to support employees who would likely be impacted. Hands-on activities helped each person reposition themselves for roles within the new structure. They updated their resumes and prepared for internal interviews for newly created positions. Several employees earned roles within the new structure as a result. ICC’s team of professional Career Transition Coaches then supported the separated employees with one-on-one outplacement programs, with nearly 100 percent participation.

Don’t take our word for it

  • "I have had the privilege of working with ICC for many years. Their ability to empathize with employees and almost instantly create relationships with them sets ICC apart from the rest."

    Tina Boeckenstedt
    Tina Boeckenstedt Former Human Resources Manager, The Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • "I felt much more confident in my professional abilities and capabilities after having met with my ICC coach, which culminated in finding the right job."

    Jennifer Director of Human Resources
  • "Very clear and concise presentation. The ICC presenter was able to relate the material to real-world experiences. The whole program was exactly what I wanted."

    Dave Program Participant, Delta Dental of Colorado
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