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ICC, headquartered in Denver, doesn’t settle for the status quo. We are dedicated to disrupting outdated approaches to managing people and teams and then sharing our insight, approach and groundbreaking ideas with company leaders and business professionals in Denver and around the US.

ICC – Innovate Coach Consult, is proud to offer services across the Front Range area as well as all across the US and globally. For our clients, we provide cutting-edge, innovative products that shake up the traditional models. Offering refreshing approaches in the areas of talent management consulting, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness and compassionate outplacement services. Contact us at our Denver office today to engage your company’s greatest investment – your people.

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Talent Management: People are at the center of any organization and it is because of this that talent management is so critical to an organization’s success. At ICC we employ executive coaches, proven talent assessment, team building, management and leadership development programs that drive business results and enhance employee productivity.

Executive Coaching: ICC coaches provide the insight, skills and tools that allow your leaders to succeed at the highest level. We help your leaders navigate the learning curve from individual contributor to leader, we work with them to correct behaviors that inhibit success, we assist in the development of leadership skills and help them to bridge the gap between technical skills and leadership.

Organizational Effectiveness: ICC will work with you to identify challenges and opportunities for achieving organizational effectiveness, we do this by getting to know your story and your organization. With this deeper understanding of your culture we can create a road map for future success. ICC will help you target where to invest wisely in leadership development and help you with succession planning. We design development to what each leader needs, rather than what they think they need (competency development).

Outplacement Services: At ICC we have deep expertise in helping your company navigate layoffs and other large organizational changes. No matter what you call it-downsizing, restructuring, layoffs-it still hurts. Any change of this nature can lead to problems with loyalty and productivity, lower morale and decreased commitment among employees. At ICC we provide compassionate, one-on-one outplacement services and spousal relocation to help mitigate the negative effects of change, we are also able to tailor our programs to fit your budget.

Talent Management Consulting
Talent Management Consulting
Leadership and Executive Coaching
Team and Leadership Development
Management and Leadership Training
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching
Honest and direct feedback helps executives and leaders take their skills – and performance – to the next level.
Compassionate Outplacement
Compassionate Outplacement
CoManaged Outplacement ProgramTM
Spousal Relocation Services
Organizational Renewal
GatewayTM — Career Management
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