The financial industry requires careful projection and strategic navigation of economic and regulatory issues, but a successful financial business must look beyond numbers. To achieve success, strong leadership and effective management of people must be factored into the equation.

Talent is crucial for growth in an ever-changing, regulated environment. ICC provides solutions to enhance any institution’s working capabilities. We will help your company maneuver challenges from difficult, slow growth to faster growth curves.

ICC acts as an extension to your internal resources. We help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services.

Challenges ICC helps clients solve

If a key leader leaves your company, it can create an environment of unease and uncertainty. ICC helps you plan for the future, including succession planning, to keep your business operating smoothly through change.
Unrefined Skills
Unrefined Skills
Brokers and bankers require a refined skill set, but their leadership skills can sometimes fall behind. We coach and help employees build skills, knowledge and capabilities to create higher-functioning leaders and teams.
Failure To Communicate
Failure To Communicate
From leadership to all staff levels, we help you find ways to enhance communication and productivity. When people better understand each other, they can work more effectively together to achieve company goals.
The financial industry can change on a dime, and employees often face the stress of layoffs, restructuring and mergers/acquisitions. ICC’s compassionate outplacement eases stress and allows the business to focus on the future.

Case Studies

Talent Management Consulting

CHALLENGE: A statewide credit union needed a way to develop next-level supervisors and managers to fulfill its talent pipeline from within. Leaders had identified a distinct gap in development and succession planning for positions below the director role, including managers and supervisors.

SOLUTION: ICC designed and delivered the organization’s first-ever, nine-month Emerging Leader Program for high-potential employees and managers. The program included skill-building module workshops, virtual sessions and group coaching. In the inaugural program, all but two of 16 participants were promoted by year-end; the two not promoted were recruited to roles in new companies.

Organizational Effectiveness

CHALLENGE: An industry-leading global asset management firm recognized the demand for new workforce capabilities in a changing industry landscape. Leadership expressed a need for the company to continue to stand apart from its competitors, notably in sales and customer service – for both internal and external customers – as well as employee engagement and retention.

SOLUTION: Over the course of this ongoing partnership, ICC has developed and delivered solutions including targeted skills-building seminars, focused one-on-one coaching engagements and other development activities to support employees and leaders at various levels. Specific areas that have been improved: emotional intelligence skills for employees and leaders; behavioral interviewing capabilities for making better hiring decisions; internal career development competencies for employees and managers; and more. ICC continues to support employees, high-potential managers and other leaders in both the Denver and New York City locations.


CHALLENGE: A credit and finance company, which serves agribusiness, rural power, water and telecommunications companies in all 50 states, needed compassionate outplacement services that aligned with the company’s own values of integrity, human equity, personal excellence, accountability and teamwork.

SOLUTION: When the company needed to close a Kansas facility, ICC coordinated on-site support with career transition coaches available on the day of the closing announcement. ICC worked closely with the human resources leaders to coordinate services for all employees with termination dates staggered over the course of more than two years. ICC remains the company’s trusted outplacement provider, recently having developed an educational workshop and outplacement programs specifically designed for those retiring from the institution and embarking on “second phase” careers.

Don’t take our word for it

  • "ICC’s strategic vision helped unleash many of our employees’ hidden talents. A fabulous partner for anyone interested in bringing their personal, team, or organizational strengths to the next level."

    Noelle Oberg
    Noelle Oberg Internal Organizational Development and Training Consultant,                                        Credit Union of Colorado
  • "My ICC coach has helped me in so many ways. This program is more extensive and meaningful than I had first envisioned."

    Christina Administrative Assistant
  • "ICC meets clients where they are instead of forcing them through a canned program. The program is tailored to the individual. They create a safe environment in which to practice new skills and/or refresh existing skills that may have grown stale."

    Carole Sumption
    Carole Sumption Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Public Service Credit Union
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