Don’t Overlook Your Survivors: How to Support Remaining Employees After A Layoff

When you go through a layoff, downsizing or reduction-in-force – whatever you call it – it is radically important to treat departing employees with respect and compassion. For one thing, it is the right thing to do considering the devastating impact that a layoff can have on employees. In addition, the experience that employees have as they are forced to depart can affect your company’s reputation in the community, with your customers and within your industry.

The Beginners Guide to Reinforcement

With the emergence of training reinforcement, the effectiveness of training has been greatly improved. Trainers stay in touch well past their training events, creating a culture of continuous learning. In this eBook, we discuss everything you need to know to get your team started with training reinforcement.

The Science Behind Reinforcement

New knowledge and skills start to fade away as soon as participants walk out the door of a training session. When you want your employees to learn new information, retain it and implement it in the workplace, you must understand the brain’s ergonomics and design a knowledge retention program that is effective.

Moving Beyond the Forgetting Curve

The forgetting curve proves that a majority of employees will forget important information within hours or days after training has ended. Are your employees actively changing their behaviors to better fit the needs of the business? Without behavior change, you are only reminding employees; you are not reinforcing learning objectives. This eBook explores effective training methods for employees. Download below.

How to Become a Strategic HR Partner

Have you ever Googled what people think about their HR specialists? You probably know the drill: HR professionals are too focused on bureaucracy, restrictions, and avoiding lawsuits, are bad at hiring, and don’t deserve a seat at the table. All of which essentially boils down to: HR lacks the strategic prowess to really be impactful.

Guide to Eliminating Succession Planning Biases

Get succession right and your business thrives. Get it wrong and you risk bankruptcy. Quality succession planning sets your business up for long-term benefits. Given the clear business necessity of succession planning, why do we consistently make mistakes? Because executives and boards (and all people) are inherently subjective decision-makers.

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