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Dru Smith: Biography

Dru is a Colorado Native and a true creative. He has been in the content creation space for over three years, and has spent the last few years honing and perfecting his craft.

Outside of normal work hours, Dru can be found creating his own content in the artistic forms of videography and photography. He has experience in producing content for several weddings, events, and miscelaneous shoots.

In addition to photography and videography, Dru is the host of his own podcast where he loves to chat about all things boxing/mma as that is his biggest passion aside from content creation. He loves listening to music and you may even catch him singing from time to time. Dru is always seeking out new opportunities to learn and create new content, and strives to serve as a helping hand to others.

Fun Facts About Dru:



Fast Learner

Team Player




Lover of Combat Sports

Education & Certifications:

  • Completed 2 Years at CU Denver

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