What is Disrupt HR Denver?

DisruptHR is a human resources conference and an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field. It is built on the belief that how we’ve approached people and talent in the past won’t be the best way to approach it in the future.

As your exclusive host of DisruptHR in Denver, ICC hosts a night of short focused talks from professionals who want to share their ideas on how we can move our talent thinking forward. Borrowing from the genius of Ignite, each speaker has 5 minutes to blow your mind!

Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources?

Are you ready to start talking about talent in a whole new way?

Join Us!

Want to learn more about DisruptHR Denver? Contact us: https://innovateicc.com/contact-us/


Watch previous DisruptHR videos on the website at https://disrupthr.co/vimeo-tag/disrupthrden/


Apply to become a DisruptHR Denver speaker here


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