Coaching to Leader Habits

The most effective way to develop leadership skills is with daily practice, of small behaviors, to build larger habits. Using the habit-building formula, any leader can develop new leader habits by practicing for just a few minutes each day. Part of the appeal of this approach to leadership development (aside from the fact that it actually works!) is that the learner can guide their own development, relatively autonomously, with minimal reliance on others. However, like most major changes, success is more likely to come and more likely to be sustained by soliciting the help of others, namely an executive coach. Coaches play a critical role in helping leaders reflect on their practice, sustain motivation to continue practicing, and helping leaders rebound when practice starts to fade. In this 45 minute webinar (+ 15 minutes Q&A), we discuss the role coaching plays in helping leaders build leader habits. We will offer concrete suggestions for when and how to incorporate coaching and how to facilitate a meaningful coaching relationship to build leader habits.

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