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  THE BOTTOM LINE: Improving Your Leadership Development Strategy in 2020 for Better Business Impact By: Meredith Masse Organizations’ leadership development programs are in trouble.   THE DATA A recent study by The Conference Board uncovered that

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  Adjusting to a New Workplace: Playing the Culture Game By: Megan Kirsch Landing a new job is an exciting and often intimidating career milestone - everything is new, and seemingly unfamiliar.  The first few months are

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  Question and Answer with Shawna Simcik: A Rapid Need for a Makeover of Learning and Development in 2020 By: Shawna Simcik It is not surprising that as more and more reports are published with predictions for

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    3 Ways to Build Stronger Leaders in Your Organization By: Meredith Masse The move from “buddy” to “boss” can be daunting and seems to be one of the most ignored steps in some organizations’ leadership

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  People Strategies to Implement Right Now to Improve Business Results and Your Bottom Line By: Meredith Masse Talent managers from more than 1,000 organizations in 25 countries representing 16 major industry groups participated in our annual

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  Personal Branding 101: Essential Tips for  Building a Strong Presence in the Job Search  By: Lynda Grossman “I want to keep my options open.” “I’ll do anything to just get in the door of ABC Company.”

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  Leading Highly Effective and Functioning Teams By: Jennifer McKune Being a leader in today’s workplace is no easy feat but being a leader of a highly effective and functioning team is even more of an achievement. 

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  Keep on Keeping on! Surviving the Winter Blues During Layoffs By: Teri DePuy It’s the winter holiday season and as a job seeker you might find yourself a little blue during the gray, cold winter months

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  4 Ways To Build Your Brand With Social Media By: Courtney Beam Social media… As a millennial, even I balk at the thought of using it sometimes (is that allowed?!). It’s EVERYWHERE, and it’s changing the

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  3 Resume Building Secrets Proven to Impress Your Next Job Prospect By: Jill Thompson Are you submitting handfuls of resumes online only to find that they are seemingly ending up in the black hole of the