Career Transition Webinar Series

Welcome to the Career Transition Webinar Series, a resource provided by Nytis/Carbon Energy as part of your outplacement benefits. All Nytis/Carbon Energy employees are eligible for the series, at no cost to you. Please note that the webinars are password protected. To access and watch the series, please email for the password.


Title: Career Transition Webinar Series

Date: On-Demand

Summary: The Career Webinar 4-Part Series is designed to teach you how to find your new job using the most effective job search tools and techniques.


Lynda Grossman, M.ED, Senior Transition Coach

For people who have recently lost their positions, Lynda is a haven of compassion and empathy. She helps them cope with the negatives as quickly as possible and shows them how to get back on their career feet. Using a positive approach, she helps professionals access the knowledge and skills that will move them to the next phase of their careers.

With nearly 30 years’ experience as a career counselor and coach, Lynda has worked with all levels of employees, from entry-level/student to executive/C-suite professionals, and through every type of situation including career change, entrepreneurial endeavors and retirement.

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