What is The Career Buzz?

What is The Career Buzz? The ICC Career Buzz Transition Group provides a framework for senior level Human Resource and Talent Management Professionals to network and connect with other like professionals in order to move their job search forward.

It is the function of ICC to facilitate an environment that allows participants to gain insightful feedback and advice from professionals specializing in the area of Career Transition while allowing for collaboration among peer members to maintain a healthy network of colleagues.

Denver Strategic Management Training Experts

“Thank you again for all you do with Career Buzz. Sometimes we ‘pre-employed’ need connections, sometimes strategy, and all the time encouragement. The group provides it all!”

-OD Leader in Career Transition

“I thank ICC for the career [buzz] group. Just like everything ICC offers, it is wonderful, practical, and deep as well as fun! I appreciate this group and appreciate ICC invitation to attend.”

-Senior Level HR Professional

“I appreciate being part of the group and learning valuable information for the job search while being in transition. I’ve also made quite a few great connections and a new friend too. ICC ROCKS!”

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