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Tony April 28, 2023 0 Comments

[kc_row _id="909067"][kc_column width="12/12" video_mute="no" _id="312027"][kc_column_text _id="388419"]By Jill Thompson Losing your job can be tough, not just for you but also for your entire family. It can bring sudden changes to your routine and impact your loved ones

Tony April 18, 2023 0 Comments

We find ourselves in an economic client of uncertainty, instability, and complexity. All too common right now are layoffs, restructuring, and noticeable reduction-in-force (RIF). These RIF’s began to emerge in the third quarter of 2022 and continue

ICC March 28, 2023 0 Comments

Technology changes how job seekers search, prepare and find jobs—and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) will accelerate those changes. You've probably heard about one of the latest AI advances called ChatGPT. This chatbot can converse on various

ICC March 20, 2023 0 Comments

By Hank Provost Having a strategic mindset and orientation can be a differentiator for professionals in almost all professions. Strategy as a link between tactics and mission have become the major value that leaders and professionals can

ICC March 13, 2023 0 Comments

By Hank Provost Most if not all my coaching clients tell me about their desire to be more strategic in the work they do in their organization. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are a Bank

ICC January 24, 2023 1 Comments

By: Shawna Simcik The Conference Board just released its C-Suite Outlook* report, and their report highlights the challenges forecasted to impact businesses in 2023. The immediate global economic downturn, among other key economic factors, including inflation, lingering

ICC January 9, 2023 0 Comments

By: Shawna Simcik As the ICC team returned to the office on January 3, 2023, we were already aware of several companies and layoff notifications to occur during the first week in January. Layoffs made the news

ICC December 12, 2022 0 Comments

By: Susan Ruhl I love to cook. I love putting all the ingredients of a dish together to create something fantastic. When I have time. During the work week, though, I am a lazy cook and need

ICC December 5, 2022 0 Comments

By: Tyson Jackson Does your company have a low employee retention rate? Do your employees miss deadlines or face delays in projects? Do you find that new ideas are dismissed at your job? If you answered yes

ICC November 28, 2022 0 Comments

By: Jill Thompson How are you with self-awareness? More than 90% of us think we are self-aware, and yet less than 25% actually are.  Could be we are not 100% sure exactly what self-awareness is. Have you