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Eligibility and Registration

Who Is Driving Best Companies to Work for in Colorado?

ICC | Innovate. Coach. Consult. is the primary presenter of this award program. ColoradoBiz Magazine is the valued media partner.

Who is ICC?

ICC, a Colorado-headquartered, women-owned company provides people strategies for business results. At ICC, we firmly believe that the success of a business lives and dies by its people. For that reason, we are thrilled to partner with ColoradoBiz Magazine to present the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado awards. Through our work with teams and leaders, we help them become highly productive, contributing members of an organization so they can achieve “Best Company to Work For” status. ICC’s serves clients with talent management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development and compassionate outplacement services.

After I register my company to participate, what happens next and when?

There’s just a little bit of work ahead to help us determine the Best Companies to Work For in Colorado. First, see the Timeline for a detailed list of important dates and deadlines for the program. All registered companies will be notified of upcoming deadlines from your dedicated ICC Culture Liaison.

Which companies are eligible to participate?

Eligible companies have:

  • For-profit business, not-for-profit business or government entity status
  • A facility in the state of Colorado
  • A minimum of 15 full-time employees in the state of Colorado
  • Been in business a minimum of one (1) year

If our company participated last year, are we automatically included in this year's program?

The whole kit and caboodle is refreshed each year for more innovation and a heckuva lot more fun under ICC! So, each company interested in earning “Best Company to Work For” status needs to register for consideration in 2019.

Our parent company is located outside of Colorado. Are we still eligible to participate?

If you employ at least 15 full-time employees in Colorado, you absolutely should throw your name in the hat and participate in the process.

We are a personnel placement company with associates who are technically our employees, but they work for other companies. Are we still eligible to participate?

You bet. Note that only true “in-house” employees will be counted and surveyed. The employees who are “placed” with other companies are not counted and will not be surveyed. The 15 full-time employee minimum needs to be met by the number of “in-house” employees for the company to be eligible. Your registration fee will be based on the total number of in-house employees.

What is the cost to participate?

This is a powerful investment to make in your organization given the helpful survey reports you will receive and recognition winners will claim! The cost to participate in the program is based on the total number of employees in your company. See “Program Details” for more information and how to get registered.  Please note that all fees are non-refundable.

What information do I need to submit with the application?

To see a copy of the full application prior to submitting, please download the pdf version here.  Application PDF  Please note that this is only for your reference.  All applications must be submitted using the online submission form.

The Actual Survey Process

How will my company be notified throughout the survey process? Will I receive regular updates?

All companies who register for the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado award program get to work with a dedicated ICC Culture liaison who will hold your hand through the survey process and provide regular updates. You will be well taken care of, we promise.

How long will it take for our employees to complete the survey?

Individuals should be able to complete the survey in a mere 15-20 minutes. The questions are clear and straight-forward – relating directly to your work environment. You’d probably also like to know that all responses are anonymous. Make sure your employees know this, too, and encourage them to answer honestly.

Can my company see an employee sample survey before we sign up to participate?

Of course. Just email or call ICC directly: Info@InnovateICC.com or 855-865-4400.

Can we break down the demographic data about job roles and departments on the employee survey so we can see more detailed and helpful data about our survey results?

Yes, the job role and department demographic categories can be customized and cut so the results you receive are most helpful to you. Please see Additional Services or contact ICC for more information and pricing. Email at Info@InnovateICC.com or call 855-865-4400.

Do surveys go to every employee in my company?

Yes. If you have 15 to 5,000 employees in Colorado. If you have more than 5,000 employees in Colorado, please see Additional Services or contact ICC for more information and pricing. Visit the Application page for more details. Seasonal, temporary, per diem or independent contractor employees should NOT be included in the survey process. We only survey permanent employees (full-time and part-time working at least 20 hours per week).

Our company has employees in many states. Will the employee survey apply to those who are out of state?

Your Colorado employees will be surveyed as part of your award application. However, if you are interested in surveying beyond your Colorado-based employees, we are glad to take the survey to the masses in other states. For more information, please contact ICC at Info@InnovateICC.com or call 855-865-4400.

How does the Denison online survey process work?

This is the easy part! Each participating company will work with a dedicated ICC Culture Liaison. Each company will be asked to submit a complete list of employee email addresses to ICC and should let employees know an email will be coming from ICC. Employees will receive an email invitation directly from ICC which includes a link to the online survey along with unique access information. The link directs employees to the online survey where they submit their confidential responses. It is the responsibility of each company to supply accurate, up-to-date email addresses so you get the best employee data in return!

Not all of our employees have email addresses. Can we still utilize the online survey?

Yes! The online survey can still be utilized as long as employees without company email addresses are able to access the Internet at work. In such a case, ICC will provide your organization with a URL unique to your company. We recommend, in this case, the company set up a computer station/kiosk to facilitate the survey process and send specific communication to employees about this option.

Is there a minimum response rate?

While a 100% response rate is not necessary, as high a response rate will give us and you the best data possible about your employees’ experience. Response rates are taken into account during the results analysis process and is considered for award status. The higher the response rate the more representative it will be of your company as a whole and the more valuable your company’s data will be at the end of the process. Companies in the “small-sized” category (15-40 employees) must have an 80% (or better) response rate to be eligible for recognition.

Can we offer incentives for our employees to complete the survey?

Keep in mind, this program is a competition. So, let’s keep it clean and fair!

In order to ensure a level playing field for all participating companies, incentives of any kind are strictly prohibited. Please do not provide any enticements either to try to increase response rates or influence employees’ answers. Incentives include, but are not limited to, the following: beer, money, gifts, time off, food, drawings, raffles, bonuses, etc.

The same is true for any penalties for employees’ nonparticipation. Your organization may not try to influence participation rates and/or responses by implicitly or explicitly threatening any adverse impact on employees who choose to participate or not and/or those who choose to respond/answer in a particular manner.

How does our company ensure an adequate response rate?

In a word: communication! The key to a strong response rate is indeed proactive communication. Your dedicated ICC Culture Liaison will work with you to make sure that employees receive the necessary communication, both prior to and during the survey, to ensure adequate response rates.

How does ICC protect the confidentiality of the survey data?

Rest assured, your data is safe with us. At ICC, we go to great lengths to ensure the anonymity of your employees’ survey responses. ICC will destroy all email lists after the survey process. At no point do we solicit employees from these email lists, nor do we sell or share these lists with anyone. The company representative will be kept in our database so that we have contact information for program purposes.

Through the survey and research process, ICC will be collecting, analyzing and evaluating organization data and other sensitive information. ICC maintains the highest standard of excellence by ensuring:

  • Data is collected and maintained on a secure server
  • Data will not be released, sold or traded to any unauthorized third party
  • Data is shared internally with ICC employees and/or contractors only on a need-to-know basis
  • Vendors, contractors and/or other agents who work with and/or process any parts of the data are advised of the importance of maintaining confidentiality and are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

The Award – Recognition

When will we find out if our company made the list of finalists and where we rank?

During the week of July 31, 2019, you will receive an email notification whether or not you are a finalist. Finalists will be required to submit a short video showcasing your culture or what makes you different for final judging (think “The Voice” or “American Idol”). Singing is not required! But creativity is a plus! The ICC Culture Liaison will have more information on this video submission for finalists. Finalists will also be contacted by ColoradoBiz Magazine to submit company information to be published in the November/December issue of ColoradoBiz magazine.

If you are not a finalist as a Best Company to Work for in Colorado, you will be invited to participate for additional award categories.

Winners in each category for the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado will be announced at the awards ceremony in November. Watch the ICC website for more information on this event.

The use of “bots” to increase the number of votes for any videos, will not be permitted. If there is evidence of a bot used for an organization, that organization will automatically be ranked down to the lowest number of votes in their company category, minus 1 additional vote.

Are all participating companies ranked in the final list?

No. This is a competitive program and ultimately an exclusive list. The top companies in four categories will be recognized in the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado award.

What are the video voting parameters if our organization qualifies as a finalist?

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, whomever to vote for your awesome video! Your organization is in the running to be a BEST company, after all.

All video votes can be tracked by I.P. address, and the use of bots or tampering with the voting system is strictly prohibited. Any organization that makes it to the finalist round but presents ICC with substantial evidence that supports the conclusion bots were used to increase the number of votes for a video, will have their final number of votes decreased to that of the lowest number in your company category, with a subtracted vote of 1.

How will participating companies be recognized?

Companies will compete in four categories based on company size:

  • Best Companies to Work for in Colorado – Small Companies (15-40 employees)
  • Best Companies to Work for in Colorado – Medium Companies (41-100 employees)
  • Best Companies to Work for in Colorado – Large Companies (101-250 employees or more)
  • Best Companies to Work for in Colorado – X-Large Companies (251-5,000 employees)

Finalists will be announced in July and winners and their rankings will be announced at the November awards ceremony.  Additionally, the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado results and rankings will be published in the November/December edition of the ColoradoBiz Magazine. It could be your company’s name in lights!

How do we become a sponsor for this program?

Glad you asked! Sponsorship packages are available. Please visit the Sponsorship Page to learn more about these opportunities to support this prestigious award program. You can also contact ICC directly at Info@InnovateICC.com or by calling 855-865-4400.

How do we request use of the Best Companies logo?

Don’t you worry! Winning companies will be sent the Best Companies to Work for logo to be used in all marketing, recruiting and retention efforts!

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