Want Even More?

Want even more out of your Best Companies to Work for in Colorado survey and data? Let ICC know before we disseminate your company’s survey if you’re interested in receiving additional employee experience insights! Your company’s survey can easily be tailored and customized to increase its usefulness to your organization. Here’s how:

Slice and Dice

Let’s slice the data! Customization will include unlimited cuts to the data. These are used to subdivide, or segment the overall results in ways that make the data meaningful to your organization. Standard sets of demographic items include age, sex, education, function, organizational level, years with organization, annual salary, and ethnic background. You may also use your own demographic categories and questions that are tailored to match the goals of your specific survey and organization such as divisions or departments.

 Add Open-Ended Questions & Analysis Report

It is important to craft open-ended questions carefully so that you have useable information at the end of the survey. We can add open-ended questions to your survey which captures even more information, gives perspective to scoring and allows your employees to have a more detailed voice. An example might be, “What is one aspect you would like to change/preserve about the culture at your organization?” ICC will analyze the response to these open-ended items and provide feedback in your results review session.

Include Custom Questions

You can add custom scaled questions to your survey and integrate your organization’s unique language. If you already have a set of questions, we can add them to the survey. We can also help you develop questions and determine the best way to measure additional topics of interest.

Presentation of Results

Don’t have the time to analyze the nitty-gritty results? Want the executive summary? Need to know what the heck to do with the information? An ICC expert, paired with one of our outstanding coaches will provide an overview of your survey results, examining strengths and areas of improvement. We will also present recommendations for next steps including accomplishing quick wins, conducting longer term action planning for your organization and creating a communication plan for sharing results with the entire organization.

The Look and Feel

You can change the look and feel of the survey by adding your company logo, adding your company lingo to the instructions or personalizing the invitations. We can also deliver the survey in multiple languages. The survey can be translated into more than 40 languages, and results presentations can also be delivered to employees outside of Colorado.

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