5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Invest in Outplacement

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5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Invest in Outplacement

By: Jill Thompson

Letting someone go is not an easy task and it is often filled with emotions and anxiety for both parties involved. Offering outplacement services can put your mind at ease that the employee will be well supported and future focused. Taking advantage of an outplacement provider will benefit all levels of employees and should not just be offered to executive-level professionals.

Here are the top 5 reasons to offer outplacement services:

  1. To sustain the morale of your “surviving” employees. Let’s face it, people talk – and other employees are judging the professionalism and dignity of how things are handled. By offering compassionate outplacement to ALL levels of employees in your company, you are setting the tone of your company culture and showing your remaining employees the standard of care and compassion that they deserve.
  2. Manage former employees’ perception of the company. The last thing a company needs after a layoff is for a former employer to get on Glassdoor and write a scathing review. During a vulnerable time such as this, you want each departing employee to feel as if they were truly taken care of during a difficult situation.  We’ve even heard of a former employee becoming a customer of their old employer AFTER they utilized the outplacement coaching and landed an even better job where they had buying power.
  3. Maintain the organization’s reputation in the community and industry. Offering outplacement creates goodwill, which leads to a positive public image. When your organization displays good character, it reinforces their brand reputation and that goes a LONG way in recruiting and retention.
  4. Reduce the risk of potentially costly lawsuits. Providing your employees with personalized outplacement services can address the emotional aspects of being laid off as well as helping displaced employees move toward the future. As a local employment attorney once told us, “An employer can fund a lot of severance packages for the cost of one lawsuit.”
  5. Reduce unemployment costs from the long-term unemployed. While some unemployment taxes will be unavoidable, you can proactively provide outplacement benefits that can mitigate the long-term unemployment costs and charges. Companies that offer outplacement with services tailored to meet specific needs will help someone land faster.  In fact, the average person who works with an ICC Coach spends just 3.6 months in the job search before finding their new position!

Taking care of your employees at the end of the employment life cycle is just as important as making sure they are taken care of while they are employed.  Offering compassionate outplacement can help you avoid or mitigate the long-term, hidden costs of layoffs that may include: a tarnished reputation, devastated employee morale, diminished customer loyalty and potential legal action.  Discover how ICC can help with your outplacement needs and help you maintain your competitive edge in the process.

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